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  • Explain The Approach To Care For Cancer

    Approach to Care for Cancer The main cause of death in the world of today is cancer. According to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2011), cancer is the second leading cause of death in America. It has no respect for anybody and no warranties. Cancer can affect anyone, irrespective of age, active or inactive individuals thin or overweight. But, perfect eating lifestyles, healthy living, and good exercise can avert or delay many of the cancers cells. Cancer is the quick and…

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  • Mr Logan Case

    Question 1 Assess Mr Logan’s medication chart. Identify and explain three significant risks that may be associated with the use of the medicines (home or inpatient use) for Mr Logan. The total dose of parenteral digitalisation for the elderly is 25-500microgram. This may be given slowly by Intra Venous Route, single dose or divided doses each 125-250 microgram at intervals of 4-6 hours. The immediate STAT dose given at 1100 01/05 was the total dose, the prescribed post expected doses 4 hourly…

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  • Rise Of Nuclear Power

    The rise of nuclear power started back in 2000 with the election of George W. Bush; it was with him that the development of nuclear power plants started to form in the United States. One of the countries that turned to nuclear energy was India, but it wasn’t until 2005 with the Nuclear Treaty, that it actually came into the picture and developed their Nuclear Sector. Then in 2010 India’s government passed the Civil Nuclear Liability for Damage Act, which dealt with any nuclear damages that…

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  • Chernobyl Essay

    The city of Chernobyl is located in northern Kiev Oblast, in modern day Ukraine, where it was previously under the Soviet Union control. In the city is a nuclear power plant built and designed by the Soviets. It was an RBMK-1000 model nuclear reactor, which used “enriched U-235 uranium fuel to heat water creating steam that drives the reactors’ turbines and generate electricity” ( The plant had 4 reactors with graphite moderators, which slows down…

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  • Write An Essay On The Effects Of Nuclear Radiation

    Nuclear radiation effects ERT term 4 With the depletion of fossil fuels and their harmful carbon dioxide emission, nuclear power is an increasing energy source. World-wide around 11.5% of energy is nuclear and in countries like France it’s 76.9% of their power source. With nuclear power being a renewable and relatively clean source of energy, nuclear power plants are being built all over the world. But despite the environmentally friendly aspects of nuclear power, when nuclear waste is not…

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  • Brain Imaging Technology Essay

    Tomography scan What it is: A PET scan, or Positron Emission Tomography scan is a scan that detects positrons that are emitted from radioactive materials, and is used to scan bodies containing a radioactive tracer/radiotracer/radiopharmaceutical/radionuclide is either inhaled, injected, or ingested into the body. Brighter spots appear where the concentration of radioactive tracer has…

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  • The Impact Of The Chernobyl Disaster In Japan

    On March 11, 2011, a disaster took place in Fukushima, Japan. A magnitude of 9.0, an earthquake struck Tohoku, which resulted in a Tsunami. Due to a chain of disasters on this day, the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima had a malfunction. This is not the first time something like this so drastic happened in Japan. Chernobyl, the disaster in 1986 was the worst nuclear power plant accident in history. Although, Fukushima following the Chernobyl disaster was not as deadly, it not only affected people…

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  • Soil Water And Air Pollution Essay

    Chapter: Soil, Water and Air Pollution 1. Introduction: Definitions of soil, water and air pollution; sources and types of soil, water and air pollution, soil and water pollution status in India With rapid increase and development in industrial and agricultural sectors along with population explosion, huge amount of organic and inorganic waste is released in environment and causing serious threats to environment and agro-ecosystem. This procedure can bring about a danger in the human wellbeing.…

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