Essay On Nuclear Chemistry

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Medical Aspect of Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear chemistry is a growing subfield of chemistry. Although it has also has been used

for the destruction of humanity in history this paper discuss on how it has been helpful through

medical aspects. Nuclear chemistry is related with radioactivity, nuclear processes, and

properties. In order to build a nuclear process, radioactive elements are combined with nuclear

reactors. In order to identify which chemicals should be used for medical purpose, it is important

to study the absorption and radiation of certain chemicals in living organisms. Nuclear chemistry

is a vastly growing aspect of medicine and it is important to study the chemistry behind it in

order understand its significance
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(Choppin, Liljenzin and Ridberg)

Chemistry is used in the field of medicine to diagnose and treat diseases. The process is

usually conducted by radiographers can also be referred to as endoradiology. The process

involves radioactive drugs inserted into the patient through injection. Before the uses of nuclear

chemistry in medicine are discussed, it is vital to study the chemistry of nuclear and


A nuclide consists of protons and neutrons in any configuration. Most nuclides are

unstable and spontaneously release energy. Sometime subatomic particles are also released in

order to reach the level of more stability. This process of attempt to go from unstable to stable

state is the key for radioactive decay. We call the unstable nuclides radionuclides. In the mid-

20th century medical radionuclide production highly used reactors, accelerators and cyclotrons.

Among the 1500 nuclides that are available, reactor-produced radionuclides are usually electron

rich. This property result for the nuclides to decay by β negative emission that was used for

cancer therapy. Some reactor-produced radionuclides were used for nuclear medicine imaging.

The other aspect of medical radionuclide production was

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