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  • Radiology Personal Statement

    Through fumes of vaporized solder and copper wire, the diode flashed on. After weeks, my Bluetooth stethoscope had finally connected and was working like I had envisioned. The project started with a simple goal of hearing the same murmurs my preceptor heard during a cardiology rotation, but ended up answering an imperative question about my medical future. Radiology is my number one career choice because it incorporates my personal interests and compliments my individual strengths. I am attracted to this field because of the intellectual challenges involved with making an accurate diagnosis. In addition, radiology provides a unique opportunity to explore emerging technology and solve existing medical problems. Apart from my personal interest, the major skills that distinguish me as a candidate are my work ethic, ability to communicate, and passion for innovation. My greatest asset is my work ethic. In medical school I was voted “Most Likely to Live in The Library”, because I actually did. On a particularly stinging night during an unseasonably frigid winter, my…

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  • Angulation In Radiology

    The term angulation when used in radiology refers to the direction and degree the X-ray tube is moved from its normal “start” position, which is always perpendicular to the to the IR in the Bucky tray. There are many projections that utilize tube angulation for various reasons. Many use it to avoid the superimposition of different anatomic structures. The reason angulation is used is to cause a controlled or expected amount of shape distortion. Shape distortion is altering the normal anatomic…

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  • Radiology Career Research Paper

    Radiology is advancing in today’s world. This paper will address what an actual radiologist is and what they do, the requirements to become a radiologist, the salary and the benefits a radiologist will receive, the careers that one can go into with radiology, the jobs one can get with being a radiologist, and many more things. Being a radiologist, or something involved in radiology, helps many people. It not only can tell what bones are broken but can also tell if something is wrong with you on…

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  • Interventional Radiology Essay

    1.0 INTRODUCTION It is known that radiation can be very harmful to a person’s health. According to Marshall and Keene (2006:1), with the recent expansion of diagnostic and interventional radiology, it has been noted that an alarming dose of radiation can be administered to a patient, in a single scan, without having to repeat a procedure. With the evolution of radiography, interventional radiology has become a norm in the diagnosis protocol and it is therefore important to understand the concept…

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  • Pursuing A Degree In Radiology Essay

    ‘How a radiologist can see through the patient’s body without picking up a scalpel? And how he/she comments on minute details?’. It seems he/she is surpassing the surgeon’s role here. I enjoyed radiology rotation during my Internship and decided to pursue my medical career in Diagnostic Radiology and consequently completed my Radiology residency in a busy Government Hospital in India. Reporting every case in radiology makes me feel like solving enthralling puzzles, and I really enjoy my secret…

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  • Radiology Department Manager Research Paper

    I -Managerial Roles List and describe the job duties for a department manager. In addition, create a job description profile for a radiology department manager. Job duties for a Radiology Department Manager (RDM) 1. Directs and coordinates activities and procedures of radiology and diagnostic imaging. 2. Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.…

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  • Interventional Radiology: Computed Tomography

    he intent of the paper is to give the reader a closer examination of a variety of Medical Imaging modalities that are being used today. A short rundown is presented for Interventional Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound, and Radiation Therapy. Following is a more in-depth look at Computed Tomography that will give the reader a better comprehension of how it separates itself from other medical imaging specialties. Interventional radiology: The…

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  • Radiology: The Roles Of An Ultrasound Technician

    Radiology is the science of utilizing varying forms of high-energy radiation such as x-rays, for the diagnosis of injury and disease. An x-ray technologist is the medical professional responsible for the x-ray procedure. The technologist has many roles and is obligated to follow protocol while completing daily responsibilities. One of the main roles of the technician is communicating with the patient, this involves but is not limited to: greeting the patient, educating the patient on the…

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  • Interventional Radiology: A Case Study

    What is your experience with and opinion about Interventional radiology? Carefully looking within all of Chapter 1, can you tell us where the cat is? According to the British Society of Interventional Radiology (n.d.), Interventional Radiology is a novel field of medicine that combines the expertise of a radiologist together with the knowledge of therapeutic intervention using advanced techniques using a range of imaging guidance modalities such as X-ray fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed…

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  • X Rays History

    suggested they were to begin with. People who performed X-rays found out that it led to serious injuries. Some experimenters had received skin burns. The first to report eye irritations from the experimentation with X-rays and fluorescent substances were Thomas Edison, William J. Morton, and Nikola Tesla (History of Radiography). Radiation can increase the risk for cancer. While someone is performing an X-ray, the technologists and the radiologists go through many steps to limit their exposure…

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