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  • Health Fair Reflection

    Who attended? Lots of students from nursing, followed by health information management, and dental hygiene. Some others included, radiology, Indiana University Police Northwest Department, and criminal justice. Many individuals heard about the health fair from an instructor, class requirements, or from being invited by IUN. Others either received an email or posters around the school. The majority of individuals stated the information they received at the health fair as: • I plan to share…

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  • The Benefits Of X-Rays

    of the body. They are also referred to as computerized axial tomography. A fluoroscopy is a medical imaging to show a continuous X-ray image, like an X-ray movie. Radiography is the art, act or process of making radiographs and sonograms. Using radiology on it too dangerous, it can cause irreparable damage to fertility, intestines, and other vital functions. Because of these effects researchers need to be working to find a safer alternative treatments for children with cancer. Children are more…

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  • Why Do You Want To Become A Radiographer?

    The healthcare industry is a driving force of our community, society, country, and world. To be part of this industry is what I have striven for. This industry generates massive revenue and determines economic stability and progress. Additionally, it touches the core of human nature, caring for people other than ourselves. To be part of an industry, where I can directly touch people 's lives at their most vulnerable times, would be an honor and dream for me. In 2005, I began taking college…

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  • Case Study: PLANMECA

    on those studies and refuse to get x-rays done. Radiology in general is tough, as…

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  • WWII Technological Advancements

    advancements, and newfound body standards promoted individuals to shift from the mindset of a patient to consumer of medicine. In the early 20th century new technological discoveries quickly advanced research and treatment protocols in the areas of radiology and plastic surgery. Plastic surgery developed out of a need to help WWI soldiers wounded by bullets and shrapnel. During WWI, Dr. Harold Gillies “developed some of the world’s first successful skin grafts” (Furness, 2012). Dr. Gillies’…

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  • Contrast Materials In The Body

    Contrast materials, otherwise known as contrast agents or contrast media, are used to get better pictures of the internal part of the body produced by x-rays, CT, MRI, and ultrasound. Frequently, contrast materials permit the radiologist to differentiate normal from abnormal disorders/illnesses. Contrast agents are not tints that forever discolor internal organs. They are substances that for a short period of time change the way x-rays or other imaging devices act together with the body. When…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Radiographer

    The healthcare industry is, and has always been, a major driving force of our community, our society, our country, our world. To be part of something this vital to our very existence is what majority of this generation and previous ones have been aspiring for. Not only does this industry generate massive revenues and determine economic stability and progress, but most importantly, it touches the core of human nature, that is, caring for people other than ourselves. To be part of an industry,…

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  • Marie Curie And Dimitri Mendeleev's Impact On Modern Day Science And Society

    Marie Curie's research and experiments of radioactive elements lead her to create the foundation for radiotherapy and the first radiology cars. Radiology cars were ambulances with x-rays inside this was introduced in World War 1. Radiology cars were tremendously successful saving millions of wounded soldiers. The x-rays allowed for doctors to see bullets lodged in the soldier's body. Marie also created the building blocks for radiotherapy;…

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  • Clinical Informatic Essay

    and radiology reports, administer medications with barcode scanner interfaces, document care plans, and in some instances use portable devices to improve the quality of the healthcare given to patients. With all this information at the fingertips of HCPs, the unintentional mistakes made with traditional paper charting have decreased. The new EHR systems require providers to enter orders directly into the system, thereby reducing dosage errors with medications, laboratory testing, radiology,…

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  • Critical Thinking And Problem-Solving Strategies Analysis

    Patience is a core step to gather all information about cyber security and radiology. “You won’t solve every problem with your first effort” (Peak Performance, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Strategies). When I ask people how is working or the steps that they used to graduate, they might exhaust and not give the right information…

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