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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Radiology

    Radiology Tech Admissions Essay When I was seventeen years old, I took a professional medical careers course at New Market Skills Center in Washington to make up for some credits that I had missed for maternity absence. I continued the program my senior year. We prepared for the Certified Nursing Assistant exam and had clinical rotation for two weeks at Panorama City, a nursing home. Through my clinical experience, I learned that being able to empathize with your patient is very important in the…

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  • Radiology Performance Management

    1.2 The Radiology Department. The Radiology Department is one of the biggest departments in E.W.M.S.C. and is commonly called the imaging or diagnostic department. It houses a variety of professionals and is the backbone in the operation of the Hospital. Most patients are referred to this department have some sort of procedure or investigation done and only when the results are known then a proper diagnosis can be done. Radiology main form of imaging is the use of Radiation which if not…

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  • Radiology Career Essay

    challenges are mental or purely physical. We have found more efficient, safer, and easier ways of doing the tasks we may face. Probably the greatest accomplishments we have made, are in the studies of medicine/treatment. And to be specific, the study of radiology. I am most interested in pursuing a career as a radiologic technologist because of its diligent career overview, ample salary, and academic education. I also enjoy working hands on with people and believe this is the appropriate career…

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  • Essay On Radiology In Dentistry

    Radiology in dentistry has come a long way since C. Edmund Kells exposed the first dental radiograph in the United States to a living person. Radiographic images help health care professionals in dentistry diagnose and evaluate problems below the gum line, in the jaw and between and inside of your teeth. Science and technology are continually advancing and new technologies are being studied and introduced frequently. Digital imaging is one of these advances and offers a reliable and versatile…

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  • Digital Radiology Advantages And Disadvantages

    digital medical imaging is no exception. Endless opportunities abound with the vision of the all-digital radiology department. The digital transformation allows for new practice models, new clinical applications and added benefits for both patients and stakeholders that may have only been imaginable in the not so distant past. This document will outline the key elements of the digital radiology department, the effects, benefits, disadvantages and considerations required to make an informed…

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  • Diagnostic Errors In Radiology Essay

    I will make a comment concerning an article of Pinto & Brunese (2010) regarding the spectrum of diagnostic errors in radiology. As stated by Flanders & Lakhani (2012, p. 477), radiology offers two basic services: imaging analyses and reports. Additionally, the images that the radiologist is deciphering is part of medico-legal documents. Therefore errors in Radiology may result in negligence that can lead to a lawsuit. As indicated by Owens, Taylor, & Howlett (2016, p. 593), there are…

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  • Radiology Culture: A Case Study

    Safer Radiology Culture The Department of Radiology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, launched their patient safety program in 2006. The Cincinnati children’s radiology department assessment showed they had one serious event happening about every 200 days. The department of radiology found to improve patient safety, three significant cultural changes needed to happen: identification, accountability, and open communication. (Donnelly, Dickerson, Goodfriend, & Muething, 2010) In radiology,…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Radiology

    another “I should of” or “I could of” story and due to past experiences decided to look into the medical field, particularly radiology, and what it had to offer. After doing some research and looking into my options, I decided to come to south college and peruse an education in radiology. If I were to be asked why I choose radiology, I would have to say because radiology, in my opinion, is the starting point for many medical decisions and is an invaluable…

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  • Explain Why I Want To Be A Radiology Technician

    drive to the emergency room. Which in turn, set me in front of the person who would change my life forever. I was nineteen and petrified, the people closest to my heart could not calm my fears. My mind was racing; until, I saw a friendly face. The radiology technician had arrived. Things took a turn for the best. I will never forget the genuine care and compassion that I received from her; at a time that I needed it more than anything. Her calm, reassuring attitude was contagious. She had the…

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  • Disadvantages Of Being A Radiologist

    attention. This medical attention to deal with this problem does not come free, it involves some coast, so all the affected radiology workers will have to incur an extra coast. Treatment of Leukemia is more complex and not an easy one, it depends with the nature of leukemia and others factors making it very expensive condition to handle. As it is not their wish to get affected by radiology radiations, they should be entitled to a good pay so that they can deal with such effects of leukemia…

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