Computed Tomography

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Computed tomography (CT) is a computerized method that uses a computer to process the data collected from the passage of x-ray beams through the region of interest. The multislice CT (MSCT) means CT that the system equipped with multiple rows of CT detectors to create images of multiple sections. The data obtained from the patient will be transformed into “cuts” or cross-sectional slices of the human body (Romans, 2011). In early 1970, they use a single slice CT scan that contributes too many disadvantages such as take a longer time to get a slice of images. Over the years, the CT scan technologies have been developed into a new and modern CT. Before this, CT is well known as Computerized Axial Tomography because it can produce only axial cut but in a newer modern scanner, the word ‘axial’ has been dropped because it can scan more than just a …show more content…
It used a two sets of x-ray and two sets of detector arrays in a single CT gantry (Figure 1.4). Dual means that it used two different energy levels of x-rays, since material have its own attenuation, DECT can utilize the mathematical algorithm when the tissue has been exposed to both low and high energy polychromatic x-ray beams. One of the detectors covers the entire scan field of view (FOV), approximately 50 cm and the others detector is smaller compared to the other one. The advantages of this advancement is it increased the scan speed that is valuable for the cardiac scanning and CT angiography because allow the radiologist obtain more information about patient condition. It also can reduce the radiation dose compared to the single x-ray tube and it reduced the number of scan images that obtain the exact information as a single energy. It also can differentiate body tissue without using a contrast media. In contrast, it difficult to achieve because soft tissues do not possess high atomic

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