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  • Essay On Baria Swallows

    Modified Barium Swallow Modified Barium Swallows also simply deemed MBS’s are fluoroscopic procedures used to determine the underlying cause of impaired swallowing (dysphasia). The Modified Barium Swallow study will help determine a treatment option for people who are having difficulty swallowing or aspirating. The procedure is painless and not at all time consuming. The study consists of swallowing different consistencies of a radiopaque agent called Barium and at the conclusion of the exam…

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  • Career Essay: A Career As A Sonographer

    Throughout high school I was clueless what career to choose. I realized that many of my acquaintances were pregnant or had children already. Everyone also talked about how different aged women were pregnant. I started thinking about the amount of pregnant women having to see a Sonographer and in the future how babies will still be born, so my career will be beneficial. That is when I started to have ideas of being a Sonographer, but I still wasn’t sure. My sister found out she was pregnant in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of MRI Scans

    Nearly all ancient societies practiced body modification through either piercingss or tattoos. These ancient practices are becoming ever more present in our modern Canadian society, especially tattoos. One writer says, “Permanent tattooing is the process of body modification by deposition of a pigment into the dermis” (Simunovic and Shinohara 525). In the past three decades, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become increasingly popular in the medical field. Magnetic resonance imaging is a…

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  • X Rays Research Paper

    X-rays is one type of electromagnetic radiation that can send waves through the body which makes us see through the body tissue but it doesn’t go through the bone. Therefore it is used in hospitals to see if a person has a broken bone or any diseases. Because it can go through clothes and the human skin it is also used in airports to see if anybody has a knife or anything dangerous with them. X-rays were first discovered by German scientist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1985. Roentgen found x-rays…

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  • Foot Pathology Summary

    The foot is a complex conglomerate of joints, ligaments, and muscles. It is through the interplay of these structures which gives humans the ability to walk and perform different functional tasks in a bipedal stance. The foot is vulnerable to a significant amount of stress during the daily grind. Hence, these repetitive stress at times can be the antecedent to certain foot pathology. This theory on repetitive stress is currently one of the accepted causes of a painful foot condition known as…

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  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist

    Being an Nuclear Medicine Technologist would be a great career. It would be great for the following reasons: The great work environment, the education and training, the skills you need to know, and the salary and outlook. First, the work environment. The work is done in the medical field. It works with administer radiopharmaceuticals and radiation devices to treat diseases using a radioisotope with a physician. It takes 40 hours of time during the week, and the job locations are at community…

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  • PET/Mr In Nuclear Medicine

    In my paper I’m going to write about PET/MR how it was developed and how they both work together. Also on the individual level what PET does and what MR does separately.The importance in the nuclear medicine and how it help the patients. And the risk that it has on the patient's. Both are very important in Nuclear Medicine because we use this on daily bases in our day to day. It helps detect disease in patients and we treat them by using PET/MR and seeing how their body is functioning of course…

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  • Transabdominal Sonography Essay

    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of study An ultrasound test uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of internal body organs. Imaging tests can identify abnormalities and helps in diagnosing conditions. A Transvaginal sonography/scan (TVS) is a type of pelvic ultrasound used to examine female reproductive organs. This includes the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and vagina. “Transvaginal” means “through the vagina.” This is an internal (or intracavitary) examination.…

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  • Morton's Neuroma Case Study

    One of the medical conditions of the foot that affect an individual 's function is Morton 's neuroma (MN). MN initially identified by Queen Victoria 's surgeon ( Lewis Dulacher) in the year 1845. Dulacher (1845) recognized that MN is the formation of inflammation of the nerve affecting the distal plantar nerves (Dulacher,1945). Thomas Morton first described the clinical manifestation of MN in 1874 (Shishir & Wang, 2009). The signs and symptoms of MN are the pain in the proximal region of the…

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  • Discovery Of Magnets Essay

    The Discovery of Magnets by Santiago Webb We use magnets every day without knowing it; it might be fridge magnets, cabinet latches, speakers and other electronic devices. Magnets are used in many different fields such as in medicine, education, science, and just for fun. For example in medicine, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses very strong magnets and radio waves to show doctors inside the human body. In science, magnets can help store information on computers; they are also…

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