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  • 1984 Personal Narrative

    It all began on August 7, 1984, well actually it began nine months earlier, but I made my official entrance into the world on this day at approximately 5:25pm. Right in time for dinner, coincidence I think not, since birth I have never been a morning person, fond of breakfast, and most importantly done anything according to the timeline of others or plan. Allow me to digress for a moment to illustrate the independence and strong passion that has been ever present in my personality since the womb…

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  • Richard Gunderman's Views On Obesity Is Not A Disease

    Expert: Richard B. Gunderman Quality -Source: I trust this source because Richard Gunderman has his MD, PhD, Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Evaluation, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, and Philanthropy, and Vice Chair of Radiology at Indiana University. He may specialize in radiology, yet this does not mean that he does not know a decent amount of information pertaining to obesity and why it should not be considered a disease. ( Author’s Viewpoint: He believes that obesity is…

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  • Statement Of Purpose For Healthcare Administration

    stakeholders. • Received an award for Outstanding Teamwork from management after being complimented on my customer service by a resident on camp. 2009 - 2014 BUNDABERG RADIOLOGY 3A Takalvan Street, Bundaberg Central QLD 4670 Medical Administrator Organisational Profile: Established by Dr J Mitchell in 2004, Bundaberg Radiology is a progressive x-ray and medical imaging practice offering a professional and caring environment, with contemporary equipment and…

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  • Summary Of Paging Dr. Pigeon

    an article from The New York Times titled “Paging Dr. Pigeon; You’re Needed in Radiology” by Nicholas Bakalar that was published on November 24, 2015. The article discussed the recent study of training and using pigeons to identify benign or malignant breast tumors by looking at a slide from a biopsy or a mammogram at the University of California Davis medical Center, University of Iowa, and the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Emory University. This study was conducted as a tool…

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  • Cheerleading Personal Statement

    observe several exams. Each exam was interesting to watch. Each piece of equipment used, has a specific job that it completes very meticulously. I enjoyed watching the radiologist maneuver the many pieces of machinery. Being at the hospital, in the radiology department, made me realize how much I have to learn. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to be able to pursue a career in this occupational field. I am a very determined individual. When I set my mind to something, I strive to…

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  • Narrative Essay About My Military Experience

    Introduction My personal experience in the United States Army is a unique one because when I was seventeen, I was already on a mission with minimal training and I was learning about the Mexican Army. Even though it was a short tour of about six months, it was a very exceptional time that I will never forget. Then my parents decided to move to the United States where I was introduced to the eighth grade, because my English was not proficient enough to go into high school, five years later, I…

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  • How Did Radiation Change

    Medicine Changed by Radiation Radiation has changed over the years and wasn’t even known to be used in medicine until after it was used in the military in World War II. It was discovered by a German scientist but then the possibilities of all the things it could be used for was discovered by a Polish-born French scientist. Radiation changed medicine for the better by killing off cancerous, disease ridden germs and cells, this is significant because it changed the way we look at treatment. In…

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  • Summerlin Hospital Medical Center Case Study

    Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, a for-profit hospital founded in 1997, is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, and was developed by the Howard Hughes Corporation. It is located at 657 Town Center Drive, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of America’s fastest growing healthcare communities, providing a comprehensive range of specialties to Las Vegas and its surrounding communities (About The Hospital, 2016). Summerlin Hospital Medical Center is accredited by The Joint…

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  • Physical Therapy Case Studies

    exercise which was very unusual. The patient was complaining of severe pain when I attempted to assess her right knee, and I suggested to order for an x-ray. The nurse contacted the attending physician and ordered for an x-ray. According to the radiology interpretation, the patient presented with a hairline fracture of the right fibular head. After I fully…

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  • Nursing Role Essay

    supplies are disposed separately from non-contaminated waste. Also, in the radiology department, the treatment room is its own enclosed room separate from the rest of the facility made of steel and concrete to ensure that the environment does not get exposed to radiation. The machine is lined up precisely with the patient to minimize the amount of radiation exposure to surrounding tissue. Members of the oncology radiology department wear a badge that is sent to the lab every month to examine the…

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