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  • WWII Technological Advancements

    advancements, and newfound body standards promoted individuals to shift from the mindset of a patient to consumer of medicine. In the early 20th century new technological discoveries quickly advanced research and treatment protocols in the areas of radiology and plastic surgery. Plastic surgery developed out of a need to help WWI soldiers wounded by bullets and shrapnel. During WWI, Dr. Harold Gillies “developed some of the world’s first successful skin grafts” (Furness, 2012). Dr. Gillies’…

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  • Clinical Informatic Essay

    and radiology reports, administer medications with barcode scanner interfaces, document care plans, and in some instances use portable devices to improve the quality of the healthcare given to patients. With all this information at the fingertips of HCPs, the unintentional mistakes made with traditional paper charting have decreased. The new EHR systems require providers to enter orders directly into the system, thereby reducing dosage errors with medications, laboratory testing, radiology,…

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  • Critical Thinking And Problem-Solving Strategies Analysis

    Patience is a core step to gather all information about cyber security and radiology. “You won’t solve every problem with your first effort” (Peak Performance, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Strategies). When I ask people how is working or the steps that they used to graduate, they might exhaust and not give the right information…

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  • P. A. V. Kessler: A Case Study

    Del. Open MRI Radiology Assocs., P.A. v. Kessler, 898 A.2d 290 -- Close Corporation This cases involves 8 total shareholders/radiologists who equally owned a practice, Fox Chase. These 8 radiologists formed a corporation, Delaware Radiology, to capture additional revenues by owning MRI centers. A squeeze-out merger at Delaware Radiology occurred after the radiologists ' underlying radiology practice, Fox Chase, split up. Delaware Radiology was divided as such: the majority (Broder Group) was…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Radiographer

    The healthcare industry is, and has always been, a major driving force of our community, our society, our country, our world. To be part of something this vital to our very existence is what majority of this generation and previous ones have been aspiring for. Not only does this industry generate massive revenues and determine economic stability and progress, but most importantly, it touches the core of human nature, that is, caring for people other than ourselves. To be part of an industry,…

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  • Marie Curie And Dimitri Mendeleev's Impact On Modern Day Science And Society

    Marie Curie's research and experiments of radioactive elements lead her to create the foundation for radiotherapy and the first radiology cars. Radiology cars were ambulances with x-rays inside this was introduced in World War 1. Radiology cars were tremendously successful saving millions of wounded soldiers. The x-rays allowed for doctors to see bullets lodged in the soldier's body. Marie also created the building blocks for radiotherapy;…

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  • County Hospital Beam Case

    BEAM. If it should be made available at Metropolitan, recommend whether to buy, lease, or use County’s BEAM. Committee group individuals ought to incorporate senior administrators, executive of arranging, director of radiology, CFO, division head of designing/upkeep, head of radiology, and staff radiologists. Answers as to access to BEAM will change: suppositions in regards to repayment; focused circumstance with County Hospital; relationship(s) with medicinal staff, including a conceivable…

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  • 1984 Personal Narrative

    It all began on August 7, 1984, well actually it began nine months earlier, but I made my official entrance into the world on this day at approximately 5:25pm. Right in time for dinner, coincidence I think not, since birth I have never been a morning person, fond of breakfast, and most importantly done anything according to the timeline of others or plan. Allow me to digress for a moment to illustrate the independence and strong passion that has been ever present in my personality since the womb…

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  • Richard Gunderman's Views On Obesity Is Not A Disease

    Expert: Richard B. Gunderman Quality -Source: I trust this source because Richard Gunderman has his MD, PhD, Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Evaluation, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, and Philanthropy, and Vice Chair of Radiology at Indiana University. He may specialize in radiology, yet this does not mean that he does not know a decent amount of information pertaining to obesity and why it should not be considered a disease. ( Author’s Viewpoint: He believes that obesity is…

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  • Statement Of Purpose For Healthcare Administration

    stakeholders. • Received an award for Outstanding Teamwork from management after being complimented on my customer service by a resident on camp. 2009 - 2014 BUNDABERG RADIOLOGY 3A Takalvan Street, Bundaberg Central QLD 4670 Medical Administrator Organisational Profile: Established by Dr J Mitchell in 2004, Bundaberg Radiology is a progressive x-ray and medical imaging practice offering a professional and caring environment, with contemporary equipment and…

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