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  • Nursing Role Essay

    supplies are disposed separately from non-contaminated waste. Also, in the radiology department, the treatment room is its own enclosed room separate from the rest of the facility made of steel and concrete to ensure that the environment does not get exposed to radiation. The machine is lined up precisely with the patient to minimize the amount of radiation exposure to surrounding tissue. Members of the oncology radiology department wear a badge that is sent to the lab every month to examine the…

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  • Leadership Observation Of The Nurse Leader At Parkview Regional Medical Center

    patient’s insurance company to get coverage for their care. Nurse practitioners can diagnose illnesses and prescribe some medications just like physicians can (“What’s an NP?”, 2012). Radiology technicians transport patients to the radiology department for CT scans, MRI scans, and X-rays if they cannot be taken by a radiology technician using a portable machine in the patient’s room. Surgeons consult on and perform surgeries on the patient, while the pharmacy distributes patient medications to…

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  • Com 453 Week 3 Assignment

    service(s) they provide Name: Prescott Radiologists, LLP. Service(s) Provided: Medical billing and coding. 2. History of background Prescott Radiologists was started in 1971 by a group of radiologists. The group needed a billing office to conduct radiology related billing and coding services for the exams they were reading at YRMC. With this need, the group also wanted to keep the billing office local instead of an outsourced company, so they created their own billing company to fulfill this…

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  • Six Sigma Case Study

    application that provides framework for healthcare systems to manage quality improvement. Specifically, the article uses Six Sigma to reduce variability in the delivery of clinical services. Previous work is reviewed from a demonstration by a radiology department and then the authors propose Six Sigma as an improvement tool for the medication administration process. In the closing remarks, Lloyd and Holsenback discuss the organizational challenges of financial commitment and personnel…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: Radiation Therapy

    I was first introduced to radiation therapy by going to my mother’s cancer treatments. Her therapist was one of the most empathetic and compassionate people she received care from. The therapist telling me about her job and seeing it help my mom was the spark that ignited my passion to become a radiation therapist. Since my initial introduction to radiation therapy I have researched the profession, schools and been on several job shadows. I was an observer at several healthcare facilities…

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  • Why I Want To Start College Essay

    field but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in the medical field because my high school didn’t offer very many medical classes. I knew that I didn’t want a job where I got attached to patients or had to use needles constantly so I decided on radiology. I felt that high school didn’t really teach real life lessons or prepare…

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  • Rush-Copley Case Study

    "Merge PACS, iConnect solution and Medicity HIE ", as new advanced technologies. The first method, the Merge PACS and the iConnect modules provide access to any radiology images anywhere and anytime. By leveraging these modules, Rush-Copley healthcare professionals have access to patient 's health record to consolidate any duplicate radiology tests orders allowing for more efficient patient care. The second method that is part of the lean process used by Rush-Copley Medical Center to enhance…

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  • A Career As A Radiologist Technician

    There are many things that you should want to know about your job. I think it is important when learning about something so important like a radiologist technician. I found some statistics on the job, and this put a positive thought into my head about it. The typical entry level for a radiologist technician is normally an associate's degree, but most people go to school for more than that because sometimes that can be a make it or break it when trying to find some place to work. The job outlook…

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  • Lancaster General Hospital Case Study

    simpler and it’s able to automate coding and charge dropping to avoid missing charges. Also included in the EMR are the patient’s progress notes and vital signs, immunizations, medications, problems, past medical history, and laboratory data and radiology reports. The system is also able to remind the doctor when it is time for patients to get shots or when to follow up on appointments and lab tests. LGH just currently updated their system so charts would be customizable and that there will…

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  • Personal Experiences: A Personal Analysis

    get through hard times. My life comes with personal experiences, everyday challenges and having a great support system through it all. September of 2015, is when a personal experience came for me. I was a full-time student at ATA College studying Radiology. Being fresh out of high school I did not waste any time with my education which is one of the things I do not play about and take very…

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