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  • Essay On Becoming A Radiologist

    different hospitals to receive hands on training. The training you receive preps you for the medical licensing exam and a residency in radiology. A residency is a paid apprenticeship where you spend four years gaining hands on experience under the supervision of a licensed radiologist. After completing your residency, you could voluntarily become a board certified in radiology. Being a radiologist has amazing benefits. For example, you could become a travel radiologist. A travel radiologist is…

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  • Six Sima Case Study

    olutions can now begin to be generated. A problem faced daily within the HSHS-EWD prior authorization and radiology departments is orders for diagnostic testing like ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI, and PET scans being ordered incorrectly. When an order is placed it is scheduled as is, and then drops into the prior authorization work queue. An authorization is obtained prior to the scheduled appointment. The system works well, until an order is placed incorrectly and changes need to be made. This…

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  • Challenges: Conflict Resolution In Health Care

    will allow the employees of the radiology department to be held accountable for their own performance targets if any targets are not met (Weiner et al., 2015). Overall, the data-driven dashboards are an effective way to see the department 's operational performance at a glance, which will assist managers in decision support and effective management control (Weiner et al., 2015). As a result, the strategy to implement data-driven dashboards within the radiology department has gained full…

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  • Reflective Essay: What I Learned In Basic Medical Science

    positive one. I like the field and what it has offer. I am excited for the future of medicine and excited to be a part of it. However, throughout the semester my attitude on a few subjects has actually changed. I used to have different opinions about radiology, learning basic medical science, and research before getting more exposure and knowledge to different topics during this…

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  • Radiation Safety Research Paper

    The ADA, NCRP, and American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology all recommend the use of rectangular collimation for periapical and bitewing radiography in order to reduce further radiation exposure and dose to patients. (rad protection). The rectangular collimator also benefits the patient by reducing excessive…

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  • Radiologist Career

    What peak my interest in becoming a radiology technologist was back in high school, freshmen year. I was assign to look up a career I wanted. I already knew I wanted to be in some healthcare facilities but was not sure what yet. I was caught between two options becoming a nurse or a radiologist. When I read more and more of what radiologist do it just captured my interest more than being a nurse. A secretary at my high school use to be a radiologist and she told me it was the best career she…

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  • Application Essay: A Career As A Dentist

    for the third year of the program. My strength in all aspects of dentistry and my ability to mentor and get along well with my peers and professors was evident. I hope to honour these qualities and pursue an academic career in the field of Oral Radiology in the…

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  • Hospital Case Study

    Each of the afore-mentioned Departments is connected via a 1000 Base T CAT 6 cable. Each of these departments has dedicated computers that are assigned per the individual’s title in the organization. For example, the Executive Mgmt. have Apple iMacs, 24”, 2.4GHz, 2GB Ram, 500 MB HD, Wireless, 10/100/1000 Base T, OS Virtualization with MAC OS X Leopard & Windows XP work stations. The HR, OPNS, Finance Senior Manager Workstations are Apple iMac, 20”, 2 GHz, 350 MB HD, Wireless, 10/100/1000…

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  • Surgeon Personal Statement

    I used to dream of being a surgeon. I have dissected frogs starting at the young age of eight, and have since then worked on squids and cats as well. I was always the frontrunner of my group and loved cutting into these organisms to see their intricate setup of organs and the intertwining of the organ systems. I further confirmed this belief through the hit TV series, Grey’s Anatomy; the successes and struggles of those surgeons were an inspiration. However, my outlook on my future career and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Forensic Radiography

    is relatively new, forensic specialists are still trying to figure everything out to see what works and what doesn’t work and to see how it can be used and how effective it would be in solving crime. I will look at some of the aspects of forensic radiology that is being used today and their pros and cons of using that technology and how effective it is in solving crime. There are various methods of forensic imaging that is being used. There is PMCT (postmortem computed tomography), PMCT-A…

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