Nuclear magnetic resonance

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  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Over the past two centuries, the medical field has grown, advanced and improved dramatically. From discovering new types of treatment and medicine, to using incredible technology to diagnose rare illnesses, scientists have come a long way in terms of research and diagnosis. One of the most significant discoveries was made by Nikola Tesla in 1882. Tesla was an inventor, engineer and physicist who found the Rotating Magnetic Field. This brought to light the idea that the opposite poles of a magnetic field rotate around an axis, changing direction at a constant rate with specific angles. Combining Tesla’s discovery with modern technology, the MRI machine was created. The acronym MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, but in some places, it is called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This machine is used commonly in medicine to diagnose many illnesses and injuries, such as strokes, tumors, aneurysms, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and eye and inner ear problems. This machine is also a great tool for medical research, as it allows for images of many parts of the body to…

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  • Nuclear Chemistry: The Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Nuclear Chemistry: The Magnetic Resonance Imaging The evolution of medicine is quite interesting. It first started out with spirits, omens, and other mythical beliefs. Then, the discovery of science has allowed for more practical ways to examine and heal a body. First the simple tools came into play, then the advanced technology. As the years keep progressing, more and more discoveries are being made. One example of this is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Nuclear chemistry has allowed for…

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  • Ethyl Cinnamate Synthesis

    Experiment 5 Synthesis and NMR Spectroscopy of ethyl cinnamate Introduction: Wittig reactions involve the stereoselective synthesis of olefins from phosphonium ylides and aldehydes or ketones, where the carbonyl bond is converted to an alkene double bond.1 The variety of suitable reagents and the relatively mild experimental conditions facilitate their industrial applications, such as the synthesis of epoxides, esters, carotenoids and vitamin A.2,3 Specifically, the ester ethyl cinnamate is used…

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  • Ferrocene Lab Report

    infrared (IR) spectrum was obtained. The following spectrum, as shown in Figure 7, is from a different laboratory section. An IR for the product of this experiment was not recorded due to time constraints. Figure 7. IR spectrum of ferrocene. The C-H stretching frequency was 3095 cm-1, which agrees with Lokshin et al.’s finding of 3094.34 cm-1.5 The close resemblance of the IR spectrum to the literature suggests that this synthesized ferrocene has a high level of purity. According to the…

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  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Paper

    MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. defines it as a noninvasive diagnostic procedure employing an MR scanner to obtain detailed sectional images of the internal structure of the body. From my own prior knowledge, Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technique that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the human body. The idea for Magnetic Resonance Imaging was initially conceived by Damadian in 1971 after he recognized…

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  • What Is Magnetic Resonance Imaging?

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a medical technology that uses magnetic fields to interact with protons in the human body, producing an image that allows doctors to diagnose disease and/or injuries (DiGiuseppe, Haberer, Salciccioli, Sanader, & Vavitsas, 2012). The idea of MRI technology had come from Raymond Damadian who was a medical professor and had founded the company that manufactured MRI scanners (Bergman PH. D, 2015). In the beginning, Damadian had been using Nuclear Magnetic…

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  • - 6-Diphenyl-2-Cyclohexenone Lab Report

    In this experiment, a series of reactions was performed in order to synthesize 6-ethoxycarbonyl-3,5-diphenyl-2-cyclohexenone, an a,b-unsaturated ketone. The two reactions performed in order to obtain this product were a Michael addition reaction and an Aldol condensation reaction. During this experiment, the reaction solution underwent several changes. Originally, the initial solution was light yellow and transparent. Once heated, the appearance of the reaction solution became bright yellow.…

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  • Lefloxacin Cocrystals Lab Report

    Levofloxacin cocrystals were prepared by solvent evaporation method. The drug and co formers, stearic acid and sodium saccharin were physically mixed in varying ratios of 1:1, 1:3, 1:5, 1:7 and 1:1 and 2:1 respectively in a glass mortar and the mixtures were dissolved in ethanol as solvent for crystallization. The solvent evaporation was carried in rotary flash evaporator (Laborota 4000, Hiedolph) maintained at 40 ± 2ºC and speed of 30 rpm. The products obtained were dried in a desiccator and…

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  • Pyrimid Chromatography Lab Report

    In conclusion, we reported the synthesis of fused and isolated triazoles based on thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines. The synthesized 1,2,4-triazolo compounds were screened for their anticancer activity at a concentration of 10 μΜ against a panel of 60 cell lines derived from nine different types of cancers, and also screened for their PDE 5 inhibitory activity. The possibility of combining 1,2,4-triazolo moiety to thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines should open new opportunities for the rational design of…

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  • Body Synthesis Protocol Analysis

    Chapter Three - Conclusions 3.1 Conclusions This research aimed to verify the synthesis protocol for HPA-12 and analogues from aldehydes of Greatrex et al. (2014). Limited success in synthesising required quantities had a negative impact on the outcomes of this research, and no reasons were identified for the low yields that were obtained. Additional time, or resolution of issues resulting in low yields, would have allowed additional research and confirmation of the synthesis protocol. Long…

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