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  • - 6-Diphenyl-2-Cyclohexenone Lab Report

    In the IR spectrum, RM-10-1i, peaks that are present correspond to the functional groups in 6-ethoxycarbonyl-3,5-diphenyl-2-cyclohexenone. These functional groups are sp2 hybridized carbons at 3031 cm-1, sp3 hybridized carbons at 2981 cm-1, a carbonyl at 1735 cm-1, aromatic carbon-carbon stretching at 1660 cm-1, an ester carbon-oxygen stretching at 1144 cm-1, and alkene carbon-hydrogen stretching at 698 cm-1. There was no alcohol present in this spectra, indication that all of the catalyst was removed successfully. Also the presence of alkene functional group indicates neither starting material was present in the final product. This spectrum also resembles the spectrum in the procedure handout indicating the known wavelengths for this product. With the functional groups present, and also the matching spectra, the identity of the product is…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Apollo 13 A Failure?

    “Houston, we have a problem.” said Jim Lovell, an astronaut of Apollo 13, when the oxygen tank explored in the Space in 1970. After the talk, this lunar exploration gained a worldwide concern. Three astronauts in the craft fought with numerous disastrous faults and eventually back to the earth. In 1995, this regrettable story was even recorded as a historical docudrama named Apollo 13. Such social repercussion brought up a perspective that Apollo 13, one of the most well-known explorations of…

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  • Apollo 13 As A Successful Failure

    Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. The purpose of Apollo 13 was to land on the moon and return safely. Granted Apollo 13 did not land on the moon due to an oxygen tank exploding, they returned the astronauts home safely, which should be the biggest goal or accomplishment. Apollo 13 was a success after it returned in one piece. A failure is the lack of success. To fully succeed the crew needed to touch down on the moon, and return home. After having technical difficulties,…

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  • Apollo 13: The Third Mission To Landing On The Moon

    Apollo 13, also known as (AS-508), was suppose to be the third mission to land on the moon. The crew on the spacecraft consisted of Fred W. Haise, Jr., lunar Module Pilot, John J. Swigert, Jr., command module pilot, and James A. Lovell, Jr., commander. Launched at 2:13 p.m. on April 11, 1970 from the launched from complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center. The Apollo 13 mission was planned to launched and land on the moon and return back to Earth. Unfortunately, after about 56 hours into their…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Apollo 13

    spewed its precious cargo out into the void. With all oxygen depleted, the last fuel cell flickered out. The crew of spaceflight Apollo 13 was left stranded with no power, no oxygen, and no way to return--205,000 miles from home. Immediately, Houston sprang into a frenzy of action. It was clear that entirely new solutions needed to be rapidly found, tested, and executed if the astronauts were to survive. The most pressing problem was power. The command module was running on backup power, but it…

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  • Apollo 13 Thesis

    Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in the American Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon. The craft was launched on April 11, 1970, at 13:13 CST from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, but the lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded two days later, crippling the Service Module(SM) upon which the Command Module (CM) depended. Despite great hardship caused by limited power, loss of cabin heat, shortage of potable water, and the critical need to…

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  • Lost Moon The Perilous Voyage Of Apollo 13

    Lost moon : the perilous voyage of Apollo 13 was written by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger. It was published by Houghton Mifflin, in 1994 and tells the story of the Apollo 13 mission that almost resulted in a catastrophe. In April of 1970, Navy Captain Jim Lovell and two other astronauts were sent by NASA on America 's fifth mission to the moon. Fifty-five hours into the flight of Apollo 13 due to an electrical fault, one of the oxygen tanks exploded, causing its oxygen and power to begin to…

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  • Apollo 13: Successful And Failure

    Joseph Erhabor Professor Fletcher English 1101 19 November 2014 Apollo 13 Successful and Failure Apollo 13 is one of the most memorable missions in NASA. Apollo 13 how about crew members on the mission. The crew was ready to launch until they had a problem with the ship. They had to hold back the mission for a couple of seconds. The Apollo 13 mission had technical problems with the spaceship. This missions took place in April, 11 1970 (apollo 13).The crew was excited to launch. The crew member…

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  • The Motel Short Story

    It was a stormy day and the blank family decides to go on a vacation because they are sick of the nasty weather. The Blank parents decide on a destination to go on so they call down there kids liam and michael they are twins but do not get along at all. There parent finally announce they are going on vacation to pluto to see the moon rise. the next day they head to nasa to take off to pluto. The Blank family loads up the rocket with there stuff and they headed for pluto. Liam starts to pick on…

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  • Minor Characters In Interstellar And Ender's Game

    The 2014 Oscar winning film Interstellar- directed by Christopher Nolan- shadows the protagonist Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) an ex-NASA pilot and engineer. The storyline begins in an apocalyptic America were the environment can no longer sustain human life. Out of chance Cooper and his daughter Murphy (Jessica Chastain) find the remains of NASA and discover just how little time humanity has. To save his children Cooper agrees to join the crew of the Endurance, tasked to locate a…

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