Cardiac surgery

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  • Cardiac Remodeling Surgery

    Cardiac remodeling or Ventricular remodeling surgery- Human heart is known to be the most important and continuously working organ in the human body which is constantly pumping purified blood in the different parts of the body through some specified patterns and along with that impure blood is being collected from the various parts and is sent to the heart for purification. Once after the purification the purified blood is sent to the lungs for oxygenation i.e. for mixing the blood with oxygen and then that oxygenated blood is sent back to the heart again and then that blood from the heart is sent to all the parts of the body. Human heart is the one who makes sure that constantly and consistently blood is being pumped to all the parts of the body and this heart is made up of a total of four chambers viz. right auricle, right ventricle, left auricle and left ventricle.…

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  • Aortic Valve Stenosis

    There are not any medications that will cure this disorder (“Aortic Valve Stenosis”). Sometimes a blood thinner is given so the blood will flow through the valve easier. Most of the time to cure it, the doctor will replace the valve or repair it during surgery. One type of replacement is a mechanical valve. This is a long-lasting valve made of durable materials. When a human or animal donor tissue is used to repair the valve it is called a tissue valve repair or replacement. Sometimes a…

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  • Case Study: 53 Year-Old Family Nurse Practitioner

    a typical nurse in the sense that “most NPs choose a specialty area such as adult, family, or pediatric health care” (Black, 2014, p. 18). Also, her certification was through ANCC, the largest certification body among nurses (p. 145). Karen Paker is a 41 year-old Cardiovascular Critical Care Nurse in San Diego. According to Munro and Savel (2015), “specializing in one of the most sought after nursing specialties” (p. 372) makes Karen more than your average nurse. She has been practicing for over…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: Why Is Ethan Blue?

    for having so much self-pity for Ethan as he is such a positive and happy person. Fast forward a year and a half and Ethan is visiting the doctor for a post op checkup. Ethan is now two years old and is about to be diagnosed again with right branch bundle, which was caused during an open-heart surgery. Then Ethan didn’t end up having anymore major issues or diagnosis’ until he was in 7th grade. In 7th grade Ethan was at the doctor for his regular scheduled checkup when he was diagnosed with…

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  • My Michigan Hero Essay

    My dad, my hero was strong in the army and strong during many surgeries. During being sick so many times he still pulls through and is always there for my family and I. And because of that he honestly inspires me to be a stronger and better person everyday. My dad may not wear a cape or be able to fly but that doesn't matter, because he's a hero in my eyes and way cooler than super or bat man! Thank you dad for being there through life's ups and downs and teaching me to be strong and faithful in…

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  • Fontan Procedure: A Case Study

    will be directed to the Fontan circulation (except the coronary sinus which continues to drain into the right atrium and when the Fontan is circuit is fenestrated) bypassing the heart [31]. Many investigators believe that routine pre-Fontan cardiac catheterization is mandatory step to assess the single ventricle hemodynamic…

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  • Apollo Hospital Case Study

    India. It is also estimated that about 4925 doctors , 8264 nurses and 2763 paramedical staff have been working for Apollo group of hospitals and they have been treated almost 42 million patients from 121 countries. It is also estimated that on an average, every day 700 inpatient admissions, 6000 outpatient volumes, 40000 laboratory procedures, 200 critical cases, 700 dialysis, 120 cardiac surgeries , 40 neurosurgeries and 2-3 organ transplantations have been performed by the staff in the Apollo…

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  • Mia Gonzalez Case Study

    She had to skip day care and dance classes because she constantly had colds and pneumonia. When Mia could go out and play, she was easily winded and took multiple asthma medications to try to help her breathing. After about 10 hospital stays, doctors realized that Mia had a malformation in her aorta, the vessel that pumps blood from the heart. The 4-year-old would need an operation to close off the part of her aorta that was putting pressure on her windpipe and making it hard to breathe,…

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  • Safe Staffing Practices

    All staff must be prepared to handle any surgical procedure that comes through the door. This becomes a problem when inexperienced staff are placed on-call and called into procedures they are unfamiliar with. The authors of this article again used a coloring system to code the proficiency of various staff to handle specific procedure calls. One example of a specific procedure call may be for open heart surgery. The green zone for experience requires staff to practice procedures at least weekly…

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  • Epidural Anesthesia

    1941 Rees and Abajian utilized the epidural space for thoracic anesthesia. The progression of epidural anesthesia finally peaked with continuous infusion of an anesthetic in thoracic surgeries in 1953 (Blas, 1996). Hemodynamic complications associated with epidural anesthesia include the possible development of severe bradycardia or asystole. According to Hines and Marschall, this is most likely to occur an hour after the epidural is used for injection (2012). Approximately half of the…

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