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  • Mass Extinction In Movies

    The Massest of Mass Extinctions With all the post-apocalyptic themed movies coming out of Hollywood, most people are probably familiar with the concept of a mass extinction. In those kind of movies the cause is often a manmade problem, such as nuclear war. However, in the earth’s distant past, we were not around to destroy ourselves. So what happened? 250 million years ago the Permian period came to an end in a mass extinction causing 95% of species living in the ocean to die (Cort, 2006). To paint a picture of the Permian into your mind, forget all you learned in grade 8 geography class; all the continents we know today were stuck together, forming a supercontinent called Pangaea. This is a time after the Carboniferous period, a period…

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  • Thermoregulation In Diapsids

    naturally digest. So, vertebrates must rely on gut bacteria that are capable of digesting cellulose through fermentation. This symbiotic relationship would be facilitated by thermoregulation, as gut bacteria possess an ideal habitable temperature range. Plant digestion would also be facilitated through enhanced means of mechanical digestion, such as blunt teeth, a strong jaw capable of crushing plant matter, and a jaw capable of grinding-motion. Herbivory is unknown among the first tetrapods but…

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  • Chordates Research Paper

    Hyperoartia only have one creature per class, the former being hagfish and the latter being lampreys. The class Myxiniare found anywhere from the depths of the sea to the shallowest areas of the oceans. The Hyperaortia originated in the Atlantic Ocean and have migrated to the Great Lakes. The next class, Placodermi, are an extinct group of armored fish. The class Chrondrichthyes are cartilaginous fish found alongside the class, Actinopterygii, otherwise known as the bony fish, in various aquatic…

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  • The Camariid Period: The Ordovician Period

    their structure was just cartilage. The first fish with jaws was the Placoderms. At the end of this period there was a mass extinction sadly this extinction effected the Devonian water habits and the land. The most affected species were sponge and coral. The climate was relatively warm and dry in some regions. The fifth period was the Carboniferous Period during this period there was large amounts of coal deposits underground. Also the effects of having various amounts of vegetation grow caused…

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  • Does Wegener's Ideas Lead To The Formation Of Earth?

    the inside of Earth was fluid, and disagreeing with Lord Kelvin on the age of the earth. After closely observing a globe it shows that the continents come together like a puzzle : the west African coastline seems to fit into the east coast of South America and the Caribbean sea; and the same appears across the Pacific. The fit is even more striking when the submerged continental shelves are compared rather than the coastlines. In 1912 Alfred Wegener (1880-1930) noticed the same thing and…

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  • Brief Summary: The Evolution Of Sharks

    over time sharks have developed them. Male sharks today have claspers that are used to mate with females; the cladoselache lacked those too. Ctenacanths are another type of shark that were around at about the same time as the cladoselache. Ctenacanths continued development for over a million years. These sharks are identified by their fin spines that are long and cylindrical with comb like ridges. The oceans after the mass extinctions had less fish and lots of open ecological niches. The…

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  • Utilization Of Nuclear Energy

    With the whirlwind of controversy revolving around the current issue of the release of carboniferous emissions, greenhouse emissions, and the rapid increase in global temperature it is very imperative to pursue other means of efficient, clean , and renewable resources before we reach the state of decline. In other words we should sway away from the abundant usage of fossil fuels and recognize the benefits of other energy sources that will help economically and environmentally preserve the…

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  • Al Gore Truth To Power Summary

    crisis can negatively affect our planet. Lastly, humans are being affected through air pollution causing health problems. Air pollution has become a factor in a human being declining health. “In northern China, life expectancy has gone down 5.5 years because of air pollution” (Gore 119). For us to have a better understanding as to why our health and life expectancy are rapidly “dropping”, we need to understand what causes air pollution. Gore states “the burning of fossil fuel and coal that…

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  • Climate Fluctuation Research Paper

    Earth has experienced variations in climate throughout history. Several cycles of glacial advance and retreat (specifically the Permian, Carboniferous, Cambrian and Pre-cambrian glaciations) demonstrate natural climate fluctuation. These fluctuations can be attributed to deviations in the Earth 's orbit; the amount of solar energy received by Earth differing as a result of this. Current temperature trends display an aberrant rate of increase in global lower-atmospheric temperatures. This…

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  • Global Warming Research Paper

    plants and animals everywhere, people everywhere; humans are warming the earth 's atmosphere by burning fuels, cutting down forest, and by taking part in other activities that release certain heat trapping gases into the air. Right now the human race is acting like we have more than one earth, which we do not. We are only given one chance on this planet and it is our responsibility to take care of it. Global warming is a huge issue and it cannot be solved by one person, it is going to take our…

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