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  • Vinegar Experiment

    Methods Some setup was required to conduct this experiment. The materials needed were five transplants, soil, carbonated water, vinegar, five clear plastic containers, an aluminum tray, and pH strips. The transplants used in this experiment were romaine lettuce transplants (Lactuca sativa). Each of the five plastic containers were punctured underneath to allow for water drainage. Each container was received a transplant and was filled with soil. The five conditions tested were the control (water with pH 7), carbonated water (pH 5), carbonated water (pH 6), vinegar (pH 5), and vinegar (pH 6). Vinegar serves as a secondary control to monitor the sole effect of pH on plant growth. The data from the secondary controls will serve as a background to adjust the experimental data against. Vinegar effectively decreases the pH of the soil without affecting the nutritional intake of the plant. The pH of store-bought carbonated water (Arrowhead Sparkling Water) had a pH of 5. Using the pH strips to measure acidity, a stock of carbonated water was diluted to a pH of 6 and stored for later. Likewise, store-bought vinegar runs around pH 2.4, so two stocks of vinegar were diluted with water to a pH of 5 and 6. These were stored for later. Over a 7-day period, the treatment was added once a day with a quarter cup of each respective treatment solution. On Day 4, treatment was halted due to rainy weather. This was to avoid the overwatering of the plants, which can have a detrimental effect on…

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  • Qspm Swot Analysis

    Chart 6. PepsiCo’s QSPM Buy products to expand brand Remove Hierarchy of leadership making it local Strengths Weight AS TAS AS TAS 1 Vast Product Portfolio 0.03 4 0.12 2 0.06 2 Direct Store Delivery 0.04 0 0.00 4 0.16 3 Global expansion 0.08 2 0.16 4 0.32 4 Adapting to customers channels 0.04 2 0.08 4 0.16 5 Extensive Global production network 0.02 0 0.00 4 0.08 6 Extensive Global distribution network 0.03 0 0.00 4 0.12 7 Product Mix 0.10 3 0.30 2 0.20 8 Strong brand image 0.06…

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  • Fly Ash Analysis

    To a small extent calcium carbonate is also formed when calcium silicate and aluminates of the hydrated cement react with carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbonation process in concrete results in two deleterious effects (I) shrinkage may occur (ii) concrete immediately adjacent to steel reinforcement may reduce its resistance to corrosion. Thus the rate of carbonation depends on permeability of concrete, quantity of surplus lime and environmental conditions such as moisture and temperature.…

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  • CO2 Concentration Essay

    Carbonation can take place either in situ or ex situ (Azdarpour et al., 2014). One major benefit of CO2 sequestration by mineral carbonation is that CO2 remains environmentally benign and virtually permanently trapped in the form of carbonated minerals by using abundant mineral resources such as Mg-silicates. In addition to benefits of mineral carbonation, this option is the only CO2 sequestration option where large underground reservoirs do not exist and ocean storage of CO2 is not feasible.…

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  • Does Sugar Affect The Freezing Of Water

    The Freezing point of water is 32° fahrenheit, But does anything affect the freezing point of water? The effect of salt and sugar lowering water’s freezing point is called Freezing Point Depression(FPD). When water freezes, its molecules slow down and “stick” together, and eventually slow down so much they stay in place and become a solid. However when salt or sugar is added, it “interferes with the formation of the crystalline bonds between water molecules that give ice its solidity”, Written…

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  • Controlling Carbon Emissions Research Paper

    different areas of the earth. Some of the main areas include: the ocean, geologic reservoirs, and in the form of mineral carbonation. There are many advantages and disadvantages of storing carbon dioxide in these areas. More than…

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  • Mallet Essay

    particular solid mixture design(s) of hobby. Diverse bounce back mallets of the same plan and production may give bounce back numbers contrasting from 1 to 3 units; subsequently, when adding to the quality to bounce back number relationship, the administrator ought to utilize the same gadget as a part of the majority of the tests. ASTM C805 states that the relationship must be secured by connecting the bounce back numbers got for a given range of cement to the consequences of centers got from…

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  • Dug Wells Research Paper

    drinking water for people or for industrial use. Water purification requires five steps: First, coagulants like lime are added to the water to make it clump together. Second, the water clumps are shaken into larger clumps called flocs. Next, the water has to stand for twenty-four hours which allows the clumps to settle to the bottom. Then, the water is filtered and disinfected with chlorine. Finally, the water goes through aeration which helps remove certain contaminants (How Water Works).…

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  • The Marketing Mix Of Coca-Cola

    consume it for test, but also they built around it “happiness”. People are always drink soft drink (coke product) on any party or any treat party. COMPARING THE COKE WITH PEPSI REVENUE PEPSI have 62.8 billion US$ (2016) while coca-cola have 41.8 billion US$ (2016) EMPLOYEES PEPSI have total 2,64,000 employees (2016) while coke have 1,20,300 employees (2016). TASTE Coca-Cola have original cola, while Pepsi have same but little different form coke after. SWEETNESS Pepsi tastes…

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  • Research Paper On Mentos

    The experiment has to do with chemical and physical reactions along with carbonation and pressure. The reaction is mostly due to a process called nucleation (Curious minds,N.D.).Carbon dioxide in the soda is attracted to the mentos, while the soda can no longer hold the pressure(Curious minds, ND).The chemical reaction is the process that involves rearrangement of the molecular ot the iconic structure or substance(Curious minds,N.D.)Opposed to a change in physical form or nuclear reaction.…

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