Cardiac pacemaker

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  • P Wave Deflection

    right bundle branch, the electrical depolarization must go through the left bundle branch and put the RBBB at rest, so it takes a while longer than it should. It’s amazing how the heart is so powerful and have many parts that contribute to how it function and how people live. In regards to the waves, it gives a visual of how a person heart rate goes up and down and to look for any normal or abnormal heart rhythm. Since the P wave is the sinoatrial node, which is the pacemaker of the heart, it is essential that the must be working at all times to be able to send the signal to the atrioventricular node that sends signals to the QRS. When that occurs the right atrium is receiving blood from the superior and inferior vena cava to pushes blood to the ventricles and the ventricles pushes it towards the heart, so after it has been depolarized, the heart is now relaxed and that is where the T wave comes into play, it is repolarizing the heart. All of these waves have their different function in the cardiac conduction, but serves the same purpose, so without one doing its job all of the other parts will not work as it should. Conclusion To conclude, all the waves are important not just the R wave. The R wave is the largest wave you’ll see on the electrocardiogram paper and represents the ventricular depolarization. There are some abnormalities that is seen when looking at the ECG such as, misplacement of the leads, prior myocardial infarction and the right bundle branch…

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  • What Are The Competitive Advantages Of The Medical Device Industry

    industry has its superiority to override. When comparing the drugs, medical devices are relatively less side effects and controllable such that when dealing with cancer, using chemotherapy is better than taking tones of pills that the effects on patients are easily to control and observe. Moreover, one of the critical point for medical devices is that the time of discovery new devices is shorter than a new drug is found (AusBioTech, 2015, para 5). Compare to healthcare products, the treatment of…

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  • What Broke My Father's Heart Summary

    was the day his autonomy was taken away from him, and all the decisions were put on his wife who was his power of attorney. As Jeffrey’s condition got worse, his wife made the life altering decision to place a pacemaker to keep her husband alive, and since that day she and her daughter have fought to end his suffering. The issue is whether to respect the power of attorneys autonomy and comply with the desire to deactivate the pacemaker or if it is beneficent to do so. The article “What Broke…

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  • Pacemakers And Deibllators: A Narrative Analysis

    In this paper you will find information about pacemakers and defibrillators. Pacemakers and defibrillators are devices that help keep the heart in rhythm. If the heart starts to beat to slow or to fast it will send an electrical shock to get it back on pace. When you get one or both devices implanted in you will need to have regular check-up with the doctors, these should not affect your daily life. Later on in the article you read that you may be allowed to still participate in fast paced…

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  • Single-Linear Epidemiology: A Case Study

    All heartbeats consist of a mechanical component and an electrical component. The heartbeat is created by cardiac depolarization caused by electrical currents that induce muscle contraction. The electrical component of the heartbeat begins in the Sinoatrial (SA) Node and its function is to send electrical impulses that stimulate your heart to beat, and these impulses induce the atria to contract. As the atria contract, the impulse moves on to the Atrioventricular (AV) node which leads the…

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  • The Corporate Veil Analysis

    The Corporate Veil In the Law and Order episode “The Corporate Veil” the standard of morality is cheapened by the insatiable need for easy money. Many characters throughout the episode displayed that behavior in varying degrees. In addition, we also see how laws not being in place allow such activities to go on. In the episode we meet a young boy named Roberto Martinez, who two years ago had an operation for the installation of a pacemaker. Tragically Roberto dies and the police are called…

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  • Cardiac Arrhythmia Essay

    Cardiac Dysrhythmia Cardiac Dysrhythmia also known as cardiac arrhythmia is a group of of conditions where the heartbeat is irregular and or too fast or too slow. Tachycardia is known as a heart rate that is over 100 beats per minute for adults ,while Bradycardia is too slow with below 60 beats per minute. Majority of arrhythmia issues are not serious, but some predispose one to complications like heart failure or a stroke. Arrhythmia are the leading cause of sudden cardiac death, with 400,000…

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  • Grip Strength Exercise

    To fully understand this Grip Strength exercise there most be an understanding of the foundational physiological mechanisms, which are involved. These mechanisms are all incorporated into the muscular system of the body and its foundational unit known as muscle. A muscle can be defined as a bundle of fibrous tissue connected to two or more bones by tendons giving it the ability to contract and therefore inducing movement to a specific part of the body. The muscles within the human body are…

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  • The Muscular System

    expressions, movements and respiration. There are three types of muscles, skeletal smooth and cardiac, skeletal muscles are the only voluntary muscle tissues in the human body. The smooth muscles are found inside organs such as the stomach and the intestines, and in blood vessels. It is called a smooth muscle because…

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  • Frog Heart Lab

    Both controls can be seen in this lab. Intrinsic controls are within the heart while extrinsic controls are external to the heart (book). The nodal system is one intrinsic control example that has an effect on the heart's pumping activity. The nodal system occurs when the pacemaker places a depolarization rate on the rest of the heart (book). The pacemaker in a frog heart is positioned in the sinus venous, which is an enlarged area between the right atrium and the vena cava (pdf). If the impulse…

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