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  • Muscles Lab Report

    Muscles (Grip strength) In this week’s lab, we was doing an experiment on forearm, and its muscle fiber with nerves. The forearm is a part that between the primates’ elbow and wrist. Forearms contain connective tissue, nerve tissue and muscle tissue. In which, connective tissue is just radius and ulnar bones. However, there are a great deal of muscles and nerves in the forearm. When a nerve impulse transmission to synaptosomes induced depolarization, allows calcium ions to enter the cell…

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  • Non Dominate Hand Experiment

    primarily functions as a source of power.” A muscle is also used for movement and keeping body parts in their right positions. There are 3 different types of muscles, Skeletal which is generally the muscle connected to the bone. Then there is the Cardiac which is only found in the heart, it is responsible for pumping blood through the body. Lastly there is the smooth muscle which is the type of muscle found in our internal organs, blood…

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  • Airway Management Case

    Discussion Vascular access, along with airway management is a standard of emergency care, and is an essential part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in many groups of patients. Peripheral vascular access is the most efficient means of gaining vascular access as it’s induces minimal trauma, is the safest method of gaining access to venous circulation. It may however be difficult in stressful situations and require several attempts despite its widespread usage failure may result in prehospital…

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  • Ekg Research Paper

    The ECG/EKG When most people think of heart tests, they think of the ECG. ECG stands for electrocardiogram. It's also called an EKG, from the German elektrokardiogram. Although it may look like an ECG is recording heartbeats, it's not. In fact, it records the electrical activity (the electrical triggers, if you will) that presage the actual heartbeat. The mechanical beats follow the electrical triggers by about a tenth of a second -- unless, of course, there's a problem. Or to state it in…

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  • Essay On Muscle Tissue

    different muscle tissues, skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. Skeletal muscle tissue cells are long, striated, and have many nuclei. Cardiac muscle tissue, just like the skeletal is also in striations. These cells are short and branched. Unlike, the skeletal muscle tissue these cells die single nucleated. They are connected by intercalated discs. Smooth muscle tissue is not striated. Its Cells are short and spindle shaped. The cardiac muscle is also nucleated. In a Cardiac Muscle is a…

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  • Dogs Muscular System

    muscles, smooth, skeletal, and cardiac. The smooth muscles are usually found within the walls of internal organs like the blood vessels and the stomach. Smooth muscles are also involuntary. It is like this in the humans as well as the dogs. The skeletal muscles are connected to the skeletal system. These muscles are controlled voluntarily by a dog when the dog runs, eats, walk, or plays. Just like smooth muscle this is in the humans for the same reason. The cardiac muscle is in the heart and…

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  • Epithelium-Tissue: Whole Surface Of The Body

    Organ Trail WebQuest Worksheet Epithelium-Tissue that covers the whole surface of the body.It has alot of cells in one or more layers. Describe the four types of tissues. Function- Epithelium tissue covers the whole surface of your body and it also protects your skin. Characteristics-The Characteristics traits covers and lines and all body surfaces. The cells are packed together and it the tissue can repair itself. Classification -The classification types are squamous,cuboidal,…

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  • Muscle Movement Report

    The ability for muscles to contract and shorten to produce movement lies within its structure at a cellular level. The muscle organ is surrounded by a fibrous connective tissue called the epimysium, continuous to the perimysium, which separates the organ into small bundles called fascicles. Each fascicle can be further separated into muscle fibers by the endomysium. The plasma membrane of an individual muscle fiber is called the sarcolemma, which plays a major role in generating an action along…

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  • Condyloid Muscles

    In a skeletal system joints, ligaments, and tendons all go hand in hand. A joint is defined by two or more bones that meet. However, with the use of fibrous connective tissue, ligaments allow the joints to be held together. Ligaments are what prevent us from moving in an undesirable plane, another purpose they serve is that they limit the range or extent of normal movement (Wallace 2013). Unlike ligaments where the bone might be attached to another, tendons are fibrous tissue connecting the…

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  • Research Paper On Skeletal Muscle

    voluntarily. There are three layers of connective tissue in the skeletal muscle known as epimysium which surrounds the entire muscle, perimysium which surrounds muscle fibers known as fascicles, and endomysium which contains capillaries and nerve fibers. Cardiac muscle is found in the heart, also striated but is involuntary meaning it beats on its own without stimulation. They are also more dependent on aerobic metabolism for the energy they use to continue contracting. Smooth muscle known as…

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