Cardiac pacemaker

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  • My Father Changed My Life

    My dad died unexpectedly from cardiac arrhythmia when I was 14 years old. This phrase has become my “go-to line” when people ask what happened. For them, it gives them all the information they need. However, it holds a different meaning for me, it holds how I felt when he died. Losing my father at such a young age changed quite a few social aspects of myself. A few common themes that emerged included the feeling of vulnerability, the feeling of having to grow up faster than everyone else, and an…

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  • Aortic Valve Stenosis

    A Possible Silent Killer On average, two out of every one thousand people have this medical condition (“Aortic Valve Stenosis”). What is this potentially deadly disorder and who does it affect? This disorder is called Aortic Valve Stenosis and it can affect anyone. Aortic Valve Stenosis, also known as AVS, happens when the aortic valve narrows. The narrowing keeps the valve from operating properly by not allowing the valve to fully open. With the aortic valve not working correctly, it causes…

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  • Motor Competence: Gross And Fine Motor Skills

    Priya Bhojak FS-120 Running Record Observation PART II I. Physical a. Motor Competence (Gross and Fine Motor Skills): Deliberate actions that use many parts of the body, producing large movements, are called gross motor skills while Small body movements are called fine motor skills. The most valued fine motor skills are finger movements, enabling humans to write, draw, type, tie, and so on. Movements of the tongue, jaw, lips, teeth, and toes are also fine motor skills. Seraphim showed a…

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  • The Advantages And Benefits Of Physical Exercise

    “ Exercise is a process whereby the body performs work of a demanding nature, in accordance with muscle and joint function, in a clinically-controlled environment, within the constraints of safety, meaningfully loading he muscular structures to inroad their strength levels to stimulate a growth mechanism within minimum time”( Ken Hutchins). Exercise is an activity performed bodily or a physical activity that is done that has certain patterns or strucures in its methods and procedures.…

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  • Muscle Tissue Physiology

    For instance, cardiac muscle tissues which are only found in the heart are striated with one nucleus per cell. They are involuntary muscles and they have intercalated discs which allow the heart to contract. Like cardiac muscle tissues, skeletal muscle tissues are composed of striated tissues. However, they contain multiple nuclei and are usually connected to either…

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  • Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator Research Paper

    Introduction A selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) in (INSERTCITY, INSERTSTATE) is a natural alternative to steroid bodybuilding shots that have high levels of testosterone in them. It can be taken in a capsule form for easy consumption, but sometimes it is also given in the form of an injection. And it is a completely legal supplement that doesn 't require a doctor 's approval to buy it. Products containing it have high levels of androgen that link androgen receptors together. So in…

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  • Duchene Muscular Dystrophy

    diagnosis of DMD. By the age of 12, the ability to walk may be lost and children will probably need a wheelchair while also skeletal deformities such as scoliosis and lordosis start to appear. In the early teen years, progressive weakness of the cardiac and diaphragm muscles leads to the development of cardiomyopathy and respiratory disorders respectively. Males with DMD usually die at the age of 25 from respiratory infection or chronic cardiomyopathy but there are few individuals who survive…

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  • Essay On Nursing Experience

    make it to huddle. Not even a snowstorm the size of Texas, trapping us all at work for days, could dampen my mood that morning. It was only my second week on the job in the emergency room when not even a half hour into my shift I witnessed my first cardiac arrest. I remember the charge nurse and medical staff moving at a fast pace as they worked meticulously to prep a room for the patient’s arrival. The stretcher came rolling through the door. One paramedic was hovered over the patient, dripping…

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  • Differences Between Exercise And Pulse Rates

    order to produce more energy for the rapid contraction of the skeletal muscles. → Rise in the rate of respiration of the skeletal muscle cells increase the production of carbon dioxide. → Frequency of heartbeat increase (i.e. pulse rate increases) → Cardiac output increases. → More blood flow to the lungs and blood vessels in skeletal muscles. → Rate of gas exchange rises to increase the removal of carbon dioxide generated by the skeletal muscle cells to prevent the drop in pH in blood.…

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  • Beast Meat Quality In Poultry

    Introduction: The importance of this research paper is to clarify, discuss and understand the issues that impacts beast meat quality in poultry. The three main issues the poultry industry has been faced with is white striping of breast muscle, woody breast, and deep pectoral myopathy. These issues is not a medical or health issue for humans’ consumptions but, a quality issue of consumption. The white strip of breast muscle is strips parallel to the muscle fiber. It is mostly found in breast…

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