Cardiac pacemaker

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  • What Are Cardiac Muscles?

    Cardiac Muscle fibres are long cylinder shaped cells that usually have one or two nuclei, they are centrally located within the cell. The end of the fibres are split into a number of small branches in which the ends of which connect to similar branches of adjacent cells giving a three dimensional cytoplasmic connection network throughout the tissue. In between the muscle fibres, there is a delicate connective tissue, similar to the endomysium of the skeletal muscle which supports the extremely…

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  • The Boundaries: The Study Of Muscles

    Muscles work in pairs. one muscle contracts and pulls on the bones to which they are attached, in other word, Tendons which are fibrous connective tissue, muscle are attached to bones by tendons. The muscles contract to allow movement, while the skeletal gives the muscles support. The muscles and bones move together, basically with the muscles contracting the bones. The bone can not move back to its original state until another muscle pulls on it. Muscles work together to produce movement by…

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  • Muscle Physiology Lab Report

    Whether you are sitting at a desk doing a physiology lab report, or playing a sport in the park, you are constantly using muscles to accomplish those tasks. The fingers that are used to type the lab report rely on individual myofibrils to contract and cause movement. However, this mechanism occurs on a microscopic level, and predominantly in the myofibers. When a motor neuron experiences an action potential it releases acetylcholine to the motor-end plate which binds to a receptor on the…

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  • The Cardiac Cycle: The Cardiac Cycle

    The Cardiac Cycle The cardiac cycle is the sequence of events that occur in the heart during one heart beat. It is how the heart operates, and what exactly happens when it contracts and relaxes. The heart is equipped with four chambers and one-way valves that work with precision to pump blood to and from the body. The heart regulates blood volume to support efficient circulation to the cells, tissues, organs, and systems. It provides oxygen and nutrients to the bodies tissue while also…

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  • The Differences Between Gastrocnemius Vs. Soleus And Hopcle

    Introduction Some people believe that we have only one type of muscle in our bodies that help us with all different types of tasks, however; not only do our bodies have different muscle types, they also contain different muscle fibers that are used for different activities. Skeletal muscle contain three types of muscle fibers: slow twitch, fast twitch oxidative, and fast twitch glycolytic. Most muscles in our bodies have different combinations of these muscle fibers, although our body recruits…

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  • Physiological Effect Of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    such as corticosteroids, maximizing blood flow to muscle tissue, and prolonging the development of cardiomyopathy (“Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”, 2016). Moreover, with the research and an increase in the availability of physical, respiratory, and cardiac treatments, patients with DMD are able to live longer than ever before. The average life expectancy of someone with DMD is currently only 27 years old, but survival into the late 30’s and early 40’s has become more common thanks to treatment…

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  • Hyperoxia Studies Case Study

    extwidth} p{0.25 extwidth} p{0.23 extwidth}p{0.23 extwidth}} \ hline abularnewline extbf{Author (year)} & extbf{Study design} & extbf{Hyperoxia threshold} & extbf{Hypoxia threshold} \ abularnewline hline abularnewline extbf{Post cardiac arrest}\ abularnewline Del Castillo (2012)cite{DelCastillo2012} & Prospective cohort study & $ > 300 $ mmHg (40 kPa) & $< 60 $ mmHg (8 kPa) \ abularnewline Ferguson (2012) cite{Ferguson2012} & Retrospective observational…

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  • Human Response To Sports And Exercise Essay

    NORTH WEST KENT COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF SPORT & LEISURE FOUDATION DEGREE in SPORTS SCIENCE Human Responses to Sports & Exercise Assessment Task 1 Workbook Student Name: Daniel Kelly Instructions: Read the information provided, and answer the questions. Please note that your answers should be concise, to the point, and include brief explanation. Part A: Scenario: You are a fitness coach and are instructing a personal fitness training session for an athlete in a gym. The session…

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  • Ethical Concepts In It's A Nurse

    to produce the most good in reference to her. The second ethical concept I noticed in the clip is patient autonomy as the patient elects which care he will receive. For example, the patient has elected not to have a DNR/DNI order in the case of cardiac arrest and that he…

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  • Elaborative Rehearsal Essay

    Elaborative Rehearsal and Cardiac Arrhythmias The process of memory is encoding, storing and retrieving information. The information is processed using visual, semantic, or acoustic ques. Maintenance and elaborative rehearsal are storage codes used to store the encoded information. Elaborative rehearsal is “elaborating” on the definition of the word using semantics, acronyms, or acoustic syllables. To adequately retrieve the information, you have encoded and stored you must use proper retrieval…

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