Cardiothoracic surgery

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  • A Career In Cardiothoracic Surgery

    The career of a cardiothoracic surgeon is constantly changing. Changes in the future will occur in many different areas of the career. Due to the current cardiothoracic surgeon shortage in the United States, educational programs will be altered to attract and encourage more medical students to pursue the career of a cardiothoracic surgeon. The educational curriculum for cardiothoracic surgeons will be revised to increase efficiency and effectiveness. This new learning environment is supported by the advancement in simulation technology, and development of new models (Zeigler, S., 2015). Simulation based training is fun and active, which will draw more medical students towards the profession of cardiothoracic surgeon. The rapid advances in information technology, medical devices, and biotechnology will change the daily practices of cardiothoracic surgeons.…

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  • Only The Brave Can Change The Overcome Analysis

    Only the Brave Can Change the Outcome “What’s going on?” “How did this happen?” “Is their condition well?” These questions are what a surgeon or doctor hears daily when trying to delicately handle the feelings of his patient’s loved ones’ in delivering prognoses. It is explained that the father of the house had a problem with an artery where blood wasn’t circulating and was inundating the chest cavity. It is also revealed that if he hadn’t made it to the hospital on time, or if the surgery was…

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  • My Michigan Hero Essay

    My dad, my hero was strong in the army and strong during many surgeries. During being sick so many times he still pulls through and is always there for my family and I. And because of that he honestly inspires me to be a stronger and better person everyday. My dad may not wear a cape or be able to fly but that doesn't matter, because he's a hero in my eyes and way cooler than super or bat man! Thank you dad for being there through life's ups and downs and teaching me to be strong and faithful in…

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  • Caabarrus Memorial Hospital Case Summary

    Memorial Hospital has proposed to add open-hearth surgery to their cardiac services. They would have to consider getting a certificate of need, costs of renovation and staffing. The latter may include the hiring of Dr. R.S. Christy who has been part of the hospital staff for some time and was popular among the staff and patients. He is about to complete his fellowship and will have to make a career choice before soon. The board would like to make Dr. Christy the first cardiovascular surgeon.…

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  • A Career Essay For A Nurse Anesthetist

    patient’s response to medicines and treatments also to conduct research. These are some of the tasks of a nurse anesthetist. Some of the job duties for a cardiothoracic surgeon is to perform patient histories and physical exams, handles daily rounds, patient education and discharge summaries. Performs first assistant duties on all adult and pediatric cardia cases, thoracic and major/minor vascular cases. These are some of the tasks of cardiothoracic…

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  • Mia Gonzalez Case Study

    She had to skip day care and dance classes because she constantly had colds and pneumonia. When Mia could go out and play, she was easily winded and took multiple asthma medications to try to help her breathing. After about 10 hospital stays, doctors realized that Mia had a malformation in her aorta, the vessel that pumps blood from the heart. The 4-year-old would need an operation to close off the part of her aorta that was putting pressure on her windpipe and making it hard to breathe,…

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  • Safe Staffing Practices

    All staff must be prepared to handle any surgical procedure that comes through the door. This becomes a problem when inexperienced staff are placed on-call and called into procedures they are unfamiliar with. The authors of this article again used a coloring system to code the proficiency of various staff to handle specific procedure calls. One example of a specific procedure call may be for open heart surgery. The green zone for experience requires staff to practice procedures at least weekly…

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  • Dr. Bremner Reflection

    Bremner was willing to take time out of his extremely busy schedule to sit down and talk with me. To my dismay, I received numerous calls from his assistant informing me that Dr. Bremner had to cancel last minute. Each cancellation was due to the fact that surgeries were running late, or organs had become available for transplant. These were all valid reasons to cancel, but a wave of disappointment overcame me with each cancellation phone call. I began to doubt that I would ever meet Dr.…

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  • Essay On Anesthesiologists

    anesthesiologist, cosmetic plastic surgeon, and forensic pathologist. Anesthesiologists are often known as the doctors who put you to sleep during surgery. The road to…

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  • The Ethical Use Of Medical Robots In Medicine

    Robots in Medicine At one point in life, we all are going to face death! Weather cancer, a stroke, a disease, or a car accident. That’s a truth we can’t hide from, but with the help of medical robots there are now shorter stays at the hospital, less invasive surgeries, easily interpreted medical imaging, and portable medical equipment to use at home. Medical robots have significantly advanced the diagnosis in diseases, which gives a better chance for the doctors to make a more efficient…

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