My Michigan Hero Essay

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My Michigan hero by: Emily McLane

A hero doesn't always have to fly or climb tall buildings a hero could simply be someone in your life who inspires, helps, and teaches you. My hero is my dad Scott McLane, he's a tall 6´1 slim man with gray hair. He´s very smart, nice and funny, and works as a cpa in jackson. Also he's a strong man of God and enjoys golfing, watching football, and spending time with his family. My dad, Scott McLane is my hero because he teaches me to be strong and faithful in God. My dad´s not just my hero, but an American hero. When he was 18 years old he went to boot camp and joined the army. He remained very tough in the army, and always is telling me and my brother stories about some of the things they had to do like running 1 mile in 5 minutes. Which inspires me not to quit when I'm ever thinking about quitting. Although he never had to go into war thankfully, he was always ready and really is an american hero. He didn't know it yet but the strength from being in the army would help him with health struggles later in life. Later on in his life, When he was 29 years old he found out he had a liver disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis. And would have to be on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Now when I say waiting list I mean waiting for a long time. He had to wait 2 years for his liver transplant, meanwhile throughout those 2 years
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My dad, my hero was strong in the army and strong during many surgeries. During being sick so many times he still pulls through and is always there for my family and I. And because of that he honestly inspires me to be a stronger and better person everyday. My dad may not wear a cape or be able to fly but that doesn't matter, because he's a hero in my eyes and way cooler than super or bat man! Thank you dad for being there through life's ups and downs and teaching me to be strong and faithful in

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