Muscular system

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  • The Muscular System

    What is the most important system in our body? We have 17 systems in our body. The muscular system controls walking, talking, sitting, standing, eating and other daily functions that people constantly perform. It also helps maintain posture and circulate blood and substances through the body, among other functions. The muscular system is associated with the activities of the legs, arms and other things, muscles also control facial expressions, movements and respiration. There are three types of muscles, skeletal smooth and cardiac, skeletal muscles are the only voluntary muscle tissues in the human body. The smooth muscles are found inside organs such as the stomach and the intestines, and in blood vessels. It is called a smooth muscle because…

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  • Muscular System Essay

    Dupke Muscular system pictures Nervous System Pictures How to the Keep the System Running Properly: The muscular system- Eat a diet with a sufficient amount of protein, do weight exercises (focus on reps, not the amount of weight), stretch regularly The skeletal system- Eat a diet rich…

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  • The Muscular System In The Human Body

    Muscular system: Major functions The muscular system function is that it allows movement of body parts, and works with skeletal system to help us move. Major muscles types : There are many muscles in the muscular system. Some are skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscle. The skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle can stretch and contract, but they complete different functions. The skeletal muscle is attached to your skeleton by strong, springy tendons or is directly connected to rough…

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  • Muscular System Research Paper

    2. The muscular system is responsible for holding up your body and is also responsible for your body movement. The muscular system is attached to the bones of the skeletal system which help you move around and maintain balance. 3. There are 3 different types of muscle: Visceral, Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle. • Visceral Muscle: Visceral muscles are found in the stomach, intestines and blood vessels. Visceral muscles make your organs contract and move substances through the organ. Visceral muscles…

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  • Dogs Muscular System

    Dogs to Humans Humans and dogs are similar in many different ways, one way is that they have similar muscular systems. We humans have some similar muscles as dogs like, gluteal muscle, biceps, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, deltoid, and the external oblique. The different muscles are used by dogs and humans in pretty much the same sense so they can run, walk, and jump. The dog’s muscular system is one of the biggest systems in their body. There are two important functions of the muscular system…

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  • Muscular System

    Jackson Newman March 4, 2016 Advanced English-6th Hour Mrs. Meadows Muscular System The muscular system is one of the most vital system in the body because without it the human body would not be able to move or function properly. The main function of the human body is movement. When the regular body temperature drops, the body starts to shiver to maintain homeostasis. Muscle groups begin to shake, trying to create heat/warmth by expending energy. This also means that a large…

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  • Poultry Muscular System Research Paper

    Poultry Muscular and Skeletal system The muscular and skeletal system of poultry is a very complex and functional system. The importance of the skeletal system for poultry is to provide structure and the importance of the muscular system is to provide movement. These two systems are very vital and interconnected to one another. In order to understand the importance of these systems, one must further understand exactly how the skeletal system functions, how the muscular system functions and…

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  • Summary Of The Muscular System

    “The human body,” many of us don’t nearly realize what happens throughout the body, and if I’m being honest, neither did I, up until I took Anatomy and Physiology in high school and my freshman year of college. It is truly amazing, how many systems and functions one’s body has; from the smallest of molecules to the largest of organs, all working together to keep the one going. The entire body is made up of cells, all working hard making sure everything is working accordingly. From making swift…

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  • Muscular Skeletal System

    Muscular skeletal system Flat bones = blue (There are flat bones in the skull and the pelvis. The function of flat bones is to protect internal organs such as the brain, heart, and pelvic organs. Flat bones are somewhat flattened, and can provide protection, like a shield; flat bones can also provide large areas of attachment for muscles.) [3] Long bones = red (The long bones, longer than they are wide, include the femur (the longest bone in the body) as well as relatively…

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  • What´s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?

    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Do you know what duchenne muscular dystrophy is? It obviously has something to do with your muscles it causes you to have muscle weakness which can lead you to have loss of mobility. This disease is most effective for males. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a mutation, flaw or gene. It interferes with protein production that is needed to maintain and to form a healthy muscle. Duchenne muscular dystrophy symptoms are diagnosed according to where it is found in the body.…

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