Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

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    in the bombing in the city. The bombing in the painting is seen as death, chaos, and pain. This panting Guernica was based on the death of the county on this bad day in history. But there was always hope in the painting. "I paint this way because it’s a result of my thought. I have worked for years to obtain this result. I cant use an ordinary manner just to have the satisfaction of being understood." Pablo Picasso. Thus Guernica was a very moving peace to get to understand. The detail work is somewhat hard to understand but its clear to see that the panting is based on chaos, pain, and death. Now a days Guernica is seen as a icon as the first truly modern history painting. Guernica is now held in the capital of Spain, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid. Picasso didn’t want his painting in his hometown because of everything hat was going on yet, but that all changed when everything got back on tracked and when that happen it was 1973 the year Picasso had died. This painting is a ambiguous symbolic meaning which has so many different monumental measurements with this…

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