Muscular System Research Paper

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2. The muscular system is responsible for holding up your body and is also responsible for your body movement. The muscular system is attached to the bones of the skeletal system which help you move around and maintain balance.
3. There are 3 different types of muscle: Visceral, Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle.
• Visceral Muscle: Visceral muscles are found in the stomach, intestines and blood vessels. Visceral muscles make your organs contract and move substances through the organ. Visceral muscles are an involuntary muscle. It is also known as “smooth muscle” because of its appearance when it is viewed under a microscope.
• Cardiac Muscle: Cardiac muscle can only be found in your heart. It is responsible for pumping blood throughout your body. Cardiac muscle is also
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Every physical action that you make (e.g. running, talking and writing) requires your skeletal muscle. The main function of skeletal muscles is to contract and move parts of the body closer to a bone that the muscle is attached to.
4. The difference between voluntary and involuntary muscles is that voluntary muscles are muscles that you can consciously control (e.g. biceps, deltoids, triceps). Most voluntary muscles move your bones around. Involuntary muscles are muscles that you cannot control consciously (e.g. heart, digestive system).
5. Tendons are flexible but inelastic cord-like fibre tissues that attach muscle to a bone. Tendons mainly help with bone, structure movement and stability.
6. When muscles contract and relax, they need to work in pairs. For example, if you contract your biceps (which causes your lower arm to raise and bend your elbow), your triceps will relax at the same time. If it was opposite, your triceps will contract (lower your arm), while your biceps relax. One part of your muscle will always tense up while the other muscle always

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