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  • Cuban All Stars At The Salon Of Dreams Analysis

    The life and music in Cuba exist for many decade. Music has been the backbone that helps Cubans to be close as a nation. This is an oral tradition which Cuban continues to share from generation to generation. In the documentary “The Afro Cuban All Stars at the Salon of Dreams,” there the musician working very busily, preparing their big band for upcoming concerts. Noticeable, the musician and the guest dress distinguish to remind us that the occasion was of professionalism. The audience seems relaxed, reminiscing the melodies that flows through the air as the music control their imagination. On one occasion Marcus Gonzalez performed with a lot of enthusiasm being put in his act. One could see the audience showing their appreciation for the music by clapping their hands to the rhythm. The drum and the guitar were used very often in the musical productions. This is to show that these instruments were very important in the Cuban culture. The musician looks as if they are enjoying every moment of their performance as they sing, played the guitar and move to the beat of the music. There were also couple dancing in close proximity to their partners as they do so in a timely fashion. I enjoyed listening to the cha-cha. I t was entertaining…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Keeping The Cuban Embargo

    The Cuban embargo was signed in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy. The embargo consists of a variety of economic sanctions against Cuba, as well as the restriction on travel for all United States citizens. Today, President Obama wants to lift these bans on Cuba in hopes to help the Cuban citizens as well as the U.S. economy. The idea of lifting the sanctions has sparked controversy across America. Through the 54 years that the embargo has been signed, it has become clear that the outdated…

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  • Facts About Cuba

    What is Cuba? Where is Cuba? Cuba is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. Many people know this country as Cuba, but it can also be called the Republic of Cuba. Because the island is shaped like a crocodile, it is sometimes referred to as El Cocodrilo. It is located west of Hispaniola. Cuba, capital is known to be the largest city, which is Havana. Cuba was first discovered by the famous Christopher Columbus in 1492. Once Christopher Columbus arrived, he claimed Cuba as a Spanish…

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  • Live Performance Essay

    backgrounds, would come to U.S and offer a huge concert, all together on the same scenario. There was a lot of anticipation and expectation for this specific event in the Cuban community and of course I joined a group of friends and bought tickets to be part of this memorable event. There is an assumption that Cuban musicians are not successful out of Cuba, and I am not referring to traditional musicians and Cuban music like Benny More, Celia Cruz, or Chucho…

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  • Reasons To Visit Cuba

    Cuba is one of the most exotic destinations. It is maybe unsafe for some people due to the Political issues and situation. But this island offers a lot, it welcomes more and more tourists throughout the year all eager to enjoy its colonial architecture, beaches, and distinctive tropical atmosphere. But because of its tropical weather and location, you should know the best time to visit Cuba as well as you should know what to pack so that you should not miss anything. While planning a trip you…

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  • Fidel Castro Analysis

    Venezuela, Haiti, and Cuba - yes Cuba too.” Rattling of maracas from salsa music, people and the laughter of those dancing in the street, and the smell of beautiful culture lingering in the air, are all the beautiful traits of a beautiful country. A country solidified in time with classic cars that poured out from the Ford Company factories and architecture that spans from centuries of colonization. Unfortunately, through all the beauty came mistrust and diplomatic relations dwindling from those…

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  • Latino Cultural Activities

    The animated film was set in Havana, Cuba in the 1940’s and followed the love story of aspiring artists Chico and Rita. Pianist Chico and singer Rita were drawn together emotionally and musically through Cuban jazz, and entered a competition in which their song won. Following the competition, Chico and Rita drifted apart as they encountered problems within their relationship. After she was discovered by an American agent in Cuba, she went to New York City to pursue her dreams. Separately, Chico…

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  • Cuban Culture

    com) Of the total population, 50 percent are classified as mixed African and European, thirty-seven percent is classified as black or negro and one percent Chinese ( History tells African slaves were brought to Cuba and some have married their masters, which resulted to Cuban mulattos ( Other races have also come to Cuba in the past such as Russian, Chinese and European. Three dominant bloods are present in Cubans makeup: “First of these roots is that of the…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Cuban Culture

    Heritage Essay Just some 93 miles off of the southernmost point of the United States lies Cuba. Cuba is an island known for the most beautiful beaches and its crystal clear water. Most don’t know very much about Cuba. Majority, only know of its’ communistic tendencies and of past event involvement. What most people don 't understand, is what occurs everyday in Cuba. Cubans know the art of survival, which ultimately attributes to their quality of life. Historically, Cuba is similar to that of…

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  • Che Guevara Symbolism

    Ironically, the Che Guevara fanatics, obsessing over the Che Guevara shirts most likely would have been targeted by Guevara had they grown up in Cuba. Guevara considered anyone who listened to rock and roll music, who wore his hair long, or spoke up against him, as a delinquent (McFarland). His very goal was to “make individualism disappear from the nation” (McFarland). He considered it, “criminal to think of individuals”…

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