Musculoskeletal disorders

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  • Ergonomic Workstation

    how to develop and implement successful ergonomic workstations for clinical laboratory technologists. Literature Review As a result of modern day technology, extended computer use has become more common in the work environment. Research shows a correlation between an increase in neck and upper back musculoskeletal pain and intensive computer use among workers. The increase in work-related upper quadrant musculoskeletal pain (WRUQMP) is both an individual and economic concern; because of significant economic costs due to employees being absent, decreased productivity and health care expenses. Multiple studies have been conducted in order to reduce WRUQMP among workers by implementing ergonomic interventions in workstations.…

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  • Musculoskeletal Disorders Case Study

    1. INTRODUCTION OSHA defines musculoskeletal disorders as “Injuries and disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage, and spinal disk”. According to OSHA, the MSDs listed as: Carpel tunnel, Rotator cuff syndrome, De Quervain, Trigger finder, tarsal syndrome, Sciatica, Epicondylites, and Tendonitis. Most of the work related MSD’s are developed over time and are caused by the work itself or the working environment of the employees. These are also possible to occur from…

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  • Essay On Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders

    Do you, like many others; slouch when working at a desk, or experience pain or discomfort after getting up? Do you work many hours at a table or a computer screen? You are not alone. In fact many people have this sedentary lifestyle, usually because of the job they have, students, especially college students, or just choose to sit all day at home. Well, we probably have not noticed this but we generally don’t even know that we are causing harm to our body’s musculature by creating habitual…

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  • The Importance Of Engineering Control

    Adopting a good, working posture allows for the proper use of the body’s muscles in minimizing work effort. It also allows for good blood circulation to areas of the body commonly affected by MSIs (Palmer, 2011). Engineering Control Structure re-modification The redesigning of tools or workstations may be necessary in preventing MSIs. Modification of the design may reduce awkward wrist positions and minimize the effects of repetitive motions (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety,…

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  • The Importance Of Driver Fatigue

    by work-hour fatigue and insufficient sleep (Foxx, 2015). Factors such as working extended or irregular hours, work stressors, weather, road conditions, and vehicle performance cause stress, disrupted sleep patterns, and lack of alertness. One study suggests that 82.7% of truckers reported working irregular shifts and additionally 63.8% of the drivers reported irregular daily shifts, thus all contributing to disruptive sleep patterns (Hege et al., 2015). The quality of sleep negatively impact…

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  • Eating Disorders Paper

    Eating Disorders and Therapy In this paper I will be discussing various eating disorders and ways in which occupational therapists along with physical therapists may treat such problems along with issues that patients may present upon attempting to treat them. Occupational and physical therapists often work side by side to treat patients that are recovering from a disease or a surgery to help them regain their ability to perform daily routine. Eating disorder affects approximately one…

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  • Does The Internet Affect Mental Health?

    Imagine the effects on a growing body after years of being in front of a computer screen. Dimiodous articulates that increasing computer use among the population has caused a substantial rise in both physical and mental health issues (2016). Due to these problems, there is a discrepancy on the body functionality of some user’s system with consequent changes in their quality of life. He added that extraneous computer usage has been noted for affecting multiple body systems including the…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Eating Disorders And The Female Athlete Triad

    Jordan Considine Professor S. Perez TSEM: Body Image 3 May 2015 Eating Disorders and the Female Athlete Triad It is estimated that approximately 10 million females in the United States struggle on a day to day basis with an eating disorder (Eating Disorder Statistics & Research). Of those 10 million, female athletes have a 20% higher risk of developing an eating disorder. According to the ANAD, female athletes who participate in aesthetic sports such as gymnastics, figure skating, and cross…

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  • Ehler's Danlos Syndrome Analysis

    Ehler’s Danlos, EDS for short, is a genetic connective tissue disorder caused through abnormalities in the body’s processing, production, and or integral structure of collagen(Mayo Clinic, 2017). Ehler’s Danlos is what numerous call chronic and degenerative; a patient may endure this particular condition with no hope for a cure throughout their entire life, as the disease rapidly progresses. Most diagnoses face a lifelong commitment to the syndrome and pains that plagues them. This is…

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  • Bed Rest Hoax Essay

    Kleeman did an excellent job of describing her emotional state while being in a Catholic Convent for only five days. "I felt sad for no good reason, unfocused but undistractible - I couldn't seem to get my mind off how I felt, but I was unable to bring the experience into sharp enough relief to analyze it. It's more difficult to think when you're horizontal: alertness comes in plains and troughs rather than in peaks. None of my thoughts had any lift to them" (2015). Being sedentary for periods…

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