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  • Marimbas Del Infienro And Polvo Analysis

    Julio Hernández Cordón’s films Marimbas Del Infierno and Polvo reflect the neoliberal period in Guatemala by illustrating how the profound digressions from the period of nationalism affected everyday life. During the nationalist era of the early to mid 20th, Guatemala gained a strong sense of national identity All things traditional and national became popular. The onset of the neoliberal period, however, would drastically change many of these consistencies. The effects of these changes are clearly illustrated in Marimbas Del Infienro and Polvo. Individuals were burdened with profound ambiguities as they lost a sense of belonging and function in society. Guatemala gained a clear sense of national identity during the period of nationalism. At their core,…

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  • Film Analysis: Fareed Zakaria GPS Response

    Fareed Zakaria GPS Response The December 6th episode of Fareed Zakaria GPS touched on the strategies the U.S. is taking to contain terrorism, the stereotypes Americans have of certain minority groups (specifically Muslims), and how one group’s music is countering the horrifying attacks by ISIS that took place in Paris. Mr. Zakaria first sat down to interview President Obama’s national security advisor, Susan Rice, on what the path U.S. is planning to take to prevent any further ISIS acts of…

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  • Maya Geographical Setting

    Student Name: Mahayelea Maya Geographical Setting: What continent? What Landforms? What important Places? The Mayans settled in Mesoamerica. They lived in southern and northern Guatemala. In the Northern part of Guatemala it is full of mountain ranges, filled with minerals, and has a dry cool climate. In the southern part of Guatemala has the places Belize and Yucatan. In Yucatan the climate was dry and hot. Hot humid rainforests covered the southern area of guatemala and it had plenty of…

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  • Mayan Astronomy Research Paper

    Secondary Sources: "Ancient Mayan Wall Calendar." Nature, May 17, 2012., Accessed September 13, 2016. This source, though brief includes an extremely helpful description of a Mayan calendar that is far more descriptive than any other i have found to date. It was found in an underground cavern in Guatemala. I will be using this in my essay as an example to help provide the reader with a visual that could help reinforce the ideas presented in my essay. Aveni, Anthony F.,…

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  • Difference In Rigoberta's Life

    this book went through the pain and suffering that I know from the history of African Americans. This kind of pain is something I can only read or hear about and Menchu does a good job telling about it. This book opened my eyes to the lack of human rights many people have due to their race/culture. When in reality God made everyone to be accepted and treated with love. I like the Bible references they use to further their fight for justice. This made they book even more appealing to me. I would…

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  • Ancient Mayan Civilization

    Ancient Mayans Civilizations history has shaped Central America and influenced the world by the study of their hieroglyphic scripts, calendar, mathematics and art of the remains of this distinct culture. Today, their civilization is still influencing the world from new facts and information arising from these ancient sites about how they built there towns, trade networks, and the structure of their social and economic power for each site. Most Mayan sites were structured by royalty rule and run…

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  • Israel Alpuche: A Short Story

    uncertain of my position, moved forward. As I spotted Sergeant Robins leading a few others into an area, I asked, “Sir, what is our exact position at the moment?” He responded with, “16° 45 ' 27" N.” Sergeant Robins then warned me to attach myself to Corporal Hernandez as it was too dangerous for me to patrol alone. With stealth and care we moved along, west towards the adjacency zone2 and my eyes beheld destruction as I had never seen before! At that moment I felt my body shiver to see the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Maya And Inca

    What group do you think is the oldest Mayan, Aztec, or Inca? The Mayan,aztec,and Inca is the oldest civilization in Mesoamerica. These civilizations have many similarities, but many differences between there empire and their lifestyle .I Have been studying these groups for 2 months and in this essay will talk about the Maya, Inca, and the Aztecs, and how they're similar and different. As I was studying the 3 different civilisations these last couple months I realized they all had numerous…

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  • Garifuna Tribe Analysis

    “Central American- Americans: Invisibility, Power and Representation in US Latino World” that Central America has many folds of diversity within the indigenous population, Guatemala alone has 22 distinct indigenous groups, Lencas and Pipiles ( El Salvador), Miskitos and Ramas of Nicaragua and various other Amerindian, Afro Caribbean groups in Costa Rica and Panama makes it culturally complex region. Each of these communities has different experience and experiencing risk of homogenizing their…

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  • What Are The Advantages Of Rigoberta

    Throughout history, many racial groups have experienced oppression and injustices. Guatemala oppression towards its own indigenous population was one of them. The indigenous communities have suffered inequalities from their own government and from Ladinos. Indigenous people were like slaves to landowners and experienced a lot of injustice in the fincas. In the testimonio of I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala Elisabeth Burgos-Debray narrates Rigoberta’s struggles and oppression…

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