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  • Reflection Of Hip-Hop: My Favorite Genre Of Music

    Music is the voice of the alluring soul and captivating sound of the heart. Music has a way of articulating feelings and emotions through a vast variety of sounds, words, and instruments. Choice in music personalized, and no two individuals enjoy all of the same music because we all are differ in some way. For example, I was born in College Park, Georgia, in a majority Black neighborhood to my mother and two brothers. I am a twenty-year-old college student that identify as a Black American male because my ancestor are ascendants of slavery. As I reflect on my choice in music, I discovered how my life experiences, family history, location, and social circle influenced my selection. The strongest influence on my musical preference is my family and out very interesting history. My mom was raised in a very urban part of Atlanta, she watched both of her parents be addicted to drugs and even witnessed her own brother be shot to death. As a result, my mom sheltered my…

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  • Classical Music Research Paper

    Music: Vocal or instrumental sounds composed in such a way as to provide the beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion. Music is engraved into us on a daily basis. It is in every movie we watch, every television show that we tune into, as well as the accompaniment to our drives to our destinations. Music is a way of life, which has withstood the test of time. In today’s world we have experienced some of the greatest compositions that have or will ever be written. Everything resulting…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Ragtime And Blues

    Jazz is one of the most popular American music genres that arose in the past decade. Jazz has developed around the late 19th century to early 20th century, the time frame when music was an essential part of America. It was an entertainment for everyone who was worn out by the tragedy and misery that arose from ongoing wars. The many music genres that were formed during that time contributed their best traits and formed the well known Jazz. The representative music genres were Ragtime and Blues.…

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  • Essay On Cuban Culture

    Cuban Music Culture Cuba is an extremely diverse country, mixed with African, French, Asian and Spanish influences. Cuba is an extremely magnificent country filled with amazing people. The culture in Cuba is just as diverse and unique as the country itself. The most important cultural aspects that Cuba has is its music. Traditional music styles are still widely popular in Cuba and are often seen to this day. The best thing about these Cuban traditions is that although some of the countries…

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  • The Influence Of Rap Music

    Music is an important factor in people’s everyday life. Whether is rock, pop, country, or hip-hop, music can influence a person’s life from the way they behave to the way they feel; it [music] can lift someone’s mood when they are sad, or even inspire them when needed. Music affects people’s lives greatly, and can shape how a person grows; the different types of music genres that exist have their own element that contributes to a person’s life. As well as shaping their lives, music can affect…

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  • Bachata In The Caribbean Music

    A term that is widely used by many people in the world today, but is highly inaccurate, is the phrase “Caribbean/Latin Music”. The Caribbean is a large part of the world with many island nations within it, and within these island nations there are even more music genres. When someone says “Caribbean Music,” it is impossible to tell if they are talking about Merengue from the Dominican Republic, Ska from Jamaica, Salsa from Cuba, Reggaeton from Puerto Rico, or the many other types of music genres…

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  • Should Music Lyrics Be Censored Essay

    Should Music Lyrics be Censored for Violence and Exploitation The first word that comes to mind when you think of America is freedom and being free, but what they do not know is that America plays a major role in which censorship is a key part of everyone’s everyday question. Asking should music lyrics be censored for violence and exploitation. For the longest time music censorship has been the elephant in the room. Music censorship is not a very big issue, but it is still in the back…

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  • James Brown: The Godfather Of Soul

    In his article “James Brown, 73; 'Godfather of Soul' Influenced Many Genres, Generations.” he writes: At least four genres of music are unthinkable without Mr. Brown. He had an enormous impact on rhythm and blues and soul. All but single-handedly, he created funk. And through his numerous recordings sampled by rap artists, he provided the rhythmic underpinnings for hip-hop. Gardner agrees with the affect that Brown’s music had on other genres, she says “Soul, funk, hip-hop, dance music, rock…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Career In Music Education

    When surveying my next educator to speak with, I decided to actually pick a specific field in the education field to start with. I chose music education. After choosing a field I knew the perfect person to speak with, Mr. Ricardo James the owner of Wind Notes. Wind Notes is a music education business, where teachers provide music education to different communities. I was introduced to Mr. James by Mr. Kareem Nuri who I had spoken with in my previous interview session. Mr. James is a music…

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  • The Elements Of Jazz

    As one of the most quintessentially American musical genres, jazz reflects the vast diversity of the United States’s active cultural and ethnic traditions. Though jazz did not distinguish itself as a distinct form until the late 19th century, it draws from other tributary sources, namely ragtime and blues. Indeed, an essential characteristic of jazz is its ability to constantly evolve and incorporate elements of antecedent and contemporary music that lend it vitality and richness. Defined by…

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