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  • Bachata In The Caribbean Music

    with many island nations within it, and within these island nations there are even more music genres. When someone says “Caribbean Music,” it is impossible to tell if they are talking about Merengue from the Dominican Republic, Ska from Jamaica, Salsa from Cuba, Reggaeton from Puerto Rico, or the many other types of music genres originating from the variety of countries that there are in the Caribbean. A specific type of Caribbean music that originates from the Dominican Republic is a genre called Bachata. This is a relatively new genre of music that has gained widespread fame and recognition throughout the world. Although Bachata is currently recognized as a popular genre, it was once rejected as a valid type of…

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  • Dominican Culture Vs Spanish Culture

    member, extended family and close friends. This is evident when they come together either in New York City or any other cities across the U.S. to celebrate their Independence Day even though they live miles away from their country. They celebrate their Independence Day like all other holidays with a huge pride for their culture. The month of February was officially proclaimed Dominican Heritage month, this is another a proud honor to their community. II Main Point Now I like to discus, the…

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  • Puerto Rico Culture

    the longest out of any other nation with November 23 being the first day and the last day in January being the last. Their Christmas is long because they have three symbols of Santa Claus. They are called them the Three Kings. It is basically the same with exchanging gifts on Christmas. This holiday is a key tradition for all Puerto Ricans. Furthermore, the type of music, food, and other types of activities that represent Puerto Rico are extraordinary. Let’s begin with the incredible music…

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  • Salsa Dance Concert Report

    I attended the 7th Baltimore Salsa Bachata Congress. It is the premiere Salsa event held in Maryland during a weekend in April. There were salsa dancers from across the country to celebrate their passion for Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, and Kizomba. The dancers represented different Latin ethnic groups. There were several dance performances, pool parties, dance workshops, dance class instructors and different type of vendors selling various things such as clothing, food, and musical cds. There were…

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  • Latin Music Analysis

    melody, as in the drumbeats of primitive music, but melody cannot exist without rhythm. In music that has both harmony and melody, the rhythmic structure cannot be separated from them. But, every part of music contributes to its identity. The instruments, the tempo, and the use of cords and scales all affect how we distinguish and can easily tell what genre of music we are listening to. 4. The various styles and sub genres of Latin music are long and large enough to full a book, but a few…

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  • Dance Observation Report

    their dances. One of the main differences between the class and the rehearsal was that the techniques class was all beginners and the rehearsal had either intermediate or advanced level dancers. Some of the other differences I have noticed was that in the beginning technique class, they danced with a partner while moving to the beat of the music. Whereas the rehearsal, uses the tempo of the music. When I was watching the rehearsal, I noticed that most of their dances are very grounded. Before…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Sanctuary Night Club

    resembled a two-step-people moved back and forth, rather than in circular motions particular to Cuban salsa. He also said that mostly everyone here knew each other, and that the club was a place to come hang out with your friends. The Santuary had always been Latino, he said. What he loved about the music, which is similar to music used in African Weddings, was that it reflected the humble characteristic of the Latin people. He appreciated and shared their values. One of the songs that were…

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  • Reflection Of An Interview On Family Interviews And Their Live Experiences

    up and lives in “La Villita” in a very traditional family in where she has to respect her parents and siblings. She doesn’t have kids yet but in the near future she contemplates the possibility of get married and has kids. She traveling every year to Mexico and when she gets married she wants to do the ceremony over there. She live with her parents and she state that familism and respect form an important role in her family. Her big fear is disappointing her parent’s opinions. She considered…

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  • The Importance Of Quinceañera In Mexican Culture

    Family members, parents and godparents all chip in to make this event fancy and memorable. Presents that can help the young woman in her transitions to social life, school, and or work are often given. The cake is an essential component to this celebration because the grandmother is the one who usually bakes and decorates it. There is a lot of dancing; a DJ, a live band, mariachi who sing happy birthday, genres like cumbia, salsa, bachata, banda, and other old songs are played for both young and…

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  • Cuba Immigration History

    Tears of joy streaming down my aunt's face, being squeezed by relatives for group pictures, tropical heat causing sweat to form in the small of my back; Regardless of how uncomfortable it is to step out of my comfort zone, my family's annual trips to Cuba are something I've always looked forward to. In the year of 1999, I was born in Cabaiguán, Cuba. If it had been up to my mother, I would have been born in the United States. Immigration laws required us to stay for at least six months after my…

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