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  • The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao Summary

    Unfortunately, even in America, Oscar is too unmasculine. Coupled with being a foreigner, Oscar feels lonelier than ever, failing to make a single permanent friend and ends up getting dissed by a girl. The narrator describes the feeling as “that whisper that all long-term immigrants carry inside themselves, the whisper that says You do not belong,”(204). Despite being in America, Oscar is held to stereotypical expectations. For instance, he is expected to do the salsa, merengue, or bachata, but he is unable to. The shame is so great, that he would often tell people he and his sister (a talented dancer) was separated from birth. This marked a crucial point where Oscar was not just isolated from the outside world, but the point where he was even isolated from his family. Once again, Oscar hides behind his writing and geeky passions, ignoring the outside world. The marginalization Oscar faces pushes him further and further away from society. Unlike many other stories of immigration, Oscar does not fight back. Instead, he let’s himself get pushed around further away from his goals and…

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  • Latin Dance Senior Swing Research Paper

    Latin Dance Senior Swing is a cultural engagement workshop for senior centers all over New York. It teaches seniors the dance idioms of tango, salsa, merengue, bachata and cha-cha, in a supportive and fun setting. It supports the physical, mental and social health of New York City seniors, while promoting Latin dance, music and history. Goals include improved posture, body placement, alignment, musicality, balance, coordination, body awareness, presence and coordination. The program will serve…

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  • Merengue Rmba Dance Research

    Dance Essays for The Rumba and The Merengue There are many folk dances that are performed around the world but two of the most popular are the Rumba which originated in Cuba, and the Merengue which originated in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica) The rumba is a dance that rivets its image on the mind. With so much history, rumba has been and is a dance of conflicts: love versus hate, aggression and harmony, sexuality and prudence. Musically, it taps…

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  • Bachata In The Caribbean Music

    “Caribbean/Latin Music”. The Caribbean is a large part of the world with many island nations within it, and within these island nations there are even more music genres. When someone says “Caribbean Music,” it is impossible to tell if they are talking about Merengue from the Dominican Republic, Ska from Jamaica, Salsa from Cuba, Reggaeton from Puerto Rico, or the many other types of music genres originating from the variety of countries that there are in the Caribbean. A specific type of…

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  • Mexican Music

    Music plays a big role in the life of a Mexican. They could never live a life without art. Music in Mexico allows people to talk and express how they feel about something or someone which is usually in their past. This helps people celebrate life and love. History and legends are an overcoming of cruel treatments. The history has experienced an enormous change from the sound of the drums of a Mayan or Aztec ceremony to some modern Mexican rap. Over the years the music has changed. Mexican music…

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  • Latin Music Analysis

    Latin Music: Question Response Paper 1. Latin music has had a major effect on many mainstream American styles. Due to the sheer volume of cultures and ethnic groups who have contributed to Latin music since its development more than 400 years ago, the music has evolved to be an incredibly diverse family of music styles and rhythms. Heard on the radio, in clubs, on the television and in movies, Latin beats and sounds continue to express the pride, identity and lifestyle of the Latino culture.…

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  • Product Discrimination In Advertising

    Media and advertising, for the most part, have always gone hand in hand. So why is it that music artists are getting a lot of reactions, and backlash for advertising product placement in their songs? The reasoning seems to be behind one word, “value”. The value of something can be the determining factor for everyone involved in the media industry, that includes the artists, the consumers, and the advertisers. The backlash that some of these artists take for “selling out” is a strong one,…

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  • Sanford Ungar The New Liberal Arts Analysis

    based degrees. He also informs readers why this is. He says that employers prefer for employees to have the ability to be creative, to be able to communicate clearly and to be able to analyze effectively. Finally, Ungar uses logos, or logic to exemplify why the idea that STEM fields, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics is where all the action is, is untrue. Here, Ungar uses simply the raw fact that the liberal arts do not just include the arts but encompasses an extremely wider…

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  • Bach's Toccata And Fugue In D Minor Analysis

    To begin, Bach was a devout Lutherian, who played music for the church (Sherrane). Toccata and Fugue, a two-part musical piece composed for the organ (generally speaking, the instrument most associated with the church), is assumed to have been created with spiritual intent (Schwarm). Bach 's duties for the church included making religious music, which combined with his faith, and musical passion make it likely this piece was crafted for sacred purposes. Bach not only made this piece to…

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  • The Influence Of Celebrity Culture

    THE advancement of technology has enabled the celebrity culture to gain power to influence a large share of global population. In addition celebrity culture has taken an alteration in meaning and its new aspects are causing arguments amongst academics, with their expertise in the studies of celebrity culture.different aspects of this new culture is unveiled displaying celebrities rise to power, causes of mass media production with its constant feed of attention by fans and society reaction to…

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