Back to the Future Part II

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  • Back To The Future Themes

    Truly anyone can change the future. Back to the Future, a science fiction, action by Robert Zemeckis shows the audience many different themes. It tells how people shouldn’t abuse privileges, shouldn’t let “wants” get in the way of “needs”, and must always stand up for what they want. Despite all of these themes, there is one that is completely fool-proof and works for the story. Back to the Future tells people that they are in control of their own future, whether it’s dealing with bullies, causing the butterfly effect, or simply changing an outlook on life. Throughout the three films, bullying is a prominent dilemma that the character must overcome. In the first movie, “George is bullied by Biff, but at the end of the movie he overcomes this and stands up to Biff by punching” (BTTF I). George was being abuse by Biff and was ultimately terrified by him, because of this, his future was negative and Biff still pushed him around; however he punched Biff and showed that he didn’t want to be pushed around. Later in the future, Biff works for him now and he has plenty of courage, this shows that anyone can turn their life around and change their future. The second movie displays the same theme: “Marty meets Griff in the future when he is bullying Marty’s future son, and Marty makes Griff get arrested by standing up to him” (BTTF II). Though Marty’s…

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  • Malleable Themes In The Back To The Future Trilogy

    as the Back to the Future trilogy contain many life twisting themes within the story. Throughout the three films BTTF I, BTTF II, and BTTF III; there are dozens of possible themes that could be drawn from the story-line. All three films inter connect with one another and have some of their own themes and themes that were created amongst all three films. Back to the Future themes tend to be generally about average life things and what people wish they could do. Themes that are most relevant to…

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  • Speech On Self-Driving

    I was reminded of the nostalgia film series, Back to the Future, when Nike recently unveiled their self-lacing shoe as a community tribute to the actor, Michael J. Fox, who played the infamous time traveler character in the movies known as Marty McFly. Having watched the movies as a child with my father a handful of times and hearing about the new shoes, I realized how our technology is vastly advancing to meet the movie’s reality with our growing technology. Think about it, we have Elon Musk to…

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  • Wolf Children Oral History

    the post-war years, but with time it has been forgotten. The term ‘Wolf Children’ is originally translated from German language ‘Wolf Kinder’ as this is a part of the German and more Eastern European history. During the post War period of 1944-1949 a huge part of East Prussia’s population has been destroyed by Soviets. In 1944 when the war turned against Germany, this land was invaded by the Red Army in a mass of orgy rape, pillage and indiscriminate killing directed against the civilians. When…

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  • Battle Of The Bulge Causes

    Struggle: to contend with an adversary or opposing force. Struggle is faced by many people everyday and struggle shapes people, their future, and the future of the world. People face different amounts of struggle and struggle can be caused by an infinite number of things. In the Battle of the Bulge everyone in it struggled for their own side, government, belief, and to save their own life. The Battle of the Bulge was a pivotal part of World War II The causes of the Battle of the Bulge were very…

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  • The Trump Administration Could Test Whether Benefits Help The Economy Case Study

    The media prefers to use the word stimulus to describe fiscal policy. b. In an effort to build consumer confidence. c. There are two types of fiscal policy: expansionary and contractionary. i. One type is expansionary fiscal policy. 1. It is utilized during a recession. 2. The government will increase spending a lower taxes in an effort to shift the aggregate demand curve to the right and bring the economy to equilibrium. ii. The second type is contractionary fiscal policy. 1. It is used…

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  • Persuasive Speech Outline For Research

    General Purpose: The purpose of my speech is to persuade my speakers to take action and help lower global warming by putting laws in place. Specific Purpose: Persuade my peers/audience to take action. Central Idea: Inform my classmates, about the impact that certain actions are doing on our planet. Introduction A popular topic that has been flying around for a few years has been the topic of global warming. Scientists started looking into and doing research on global warming back in the…

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  • Reflective Essay On Communication Styles

    There are many different types of communication that people use in daily life. I believe that to create a smooth relationship, interpersonal communication (Alder, Rosenfeld, Proctor II, 2013, pp. 15-19) is one of the important aspects of communication that we should be familiar with. Comm 218 was only a 5-week course, but through this course I have learned a great deal of different communication styles. This communication class always reminded me of my communication style and the value of…

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  • Persuasive Speech Homeless

    million kids are on the street without a place to live. While most people take what they have for granted, there are kids that need help to get off the street. II. Thesis: The StandUp For Kids organization is significant part when it finds a solution and helping kids that are homeless, so they can be safe and have somewhere warm to sleep. III. Preview of Main Points: This speech will express the dangerous kids’ faces when homeless, the important research that is done about the…

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  • The Six Major Causes Of World War II

    devastations across the world. Out of all the wars our ancestors went through, none of the battles can compare to the World War II. Without any doubt, anyone knows what caused the World War II. However, to bring back some memories, World War II had six major causes: disagreement over the Treaty of Versailles, failure of peace efforts after the World War I, rise of Fascism, malicious proposals from Hitler, isolationism from America and Britain, and the re-armanent of Europe. Futhermore, this…

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