Bachelor of Pharmacy

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  • Career Development Analysis

    further education. Eventually I got admitted myself in the science stream for Higher secondary education (11th & 12th grade). I tried to established my own identity in the college and among the peers and was somewhat successful in doing that. However, at this stage of adolescent I had lost my path in life as well as in career, and shown risky behaviors such as truancy, drinking, high-speed driving and other kinds of delinquency, consequently my academic performance plummeted. My family wanted me to become a doctor, however I scored low percentage in 12th grade and performed poorly in medical entrance examination. I disappointed my family and was frustrated at that time. That frustration and disappointment led me to take the admission in Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2006 since I could not have got admitted in any other medical degree such as dentistry or Bachelor’s degree in Medicine with my low scores in both 12th grade as well as in medical entrance exam. And also I was not interested in other educational fields such as engineering, law,…

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  • My Career Of Pharmacy Career

    Doctor of Pharmacy degree. To better understand what has brought me to this point; I 'll start from the beginning. I began my job pursuit at the age of 17. Not knowing what to anticipate, I tried my chance in procuring a job at my local Walgreens. Unbeknownst to me, my journey to pharmacy school had already begun. As a beauty advisor, I worked diligently and pleased my store manager with the amount of work ethic and enthusiasm I had which, in turn, opened the doors to many new opportunities.…

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  • Pharmacy Personal Statement

    Pharmacy is a branch of health-care system which deals with the medicines, its dosage, drug delivery system, its effects on human body, and drug interactions. Pharmacy is a combination of chemical science and health science which ensures the effective and safe use of the medications. Since my childhood, my curiosity was developed in the field of medicinal science, which developed a keen interest to know mechanism of drugs on human body. During the course of my previous education, I was…

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  • I Want To Pursue A Degree In Pharmacy

    degree in pharmacy. Given our very close relationship, her illness gravely affected me. Initially, I guessed it was just old age, and she would get better, but the symptoms worsened overtime. Matters reached a peak one day when we were conversing and she could not remember my name. As a loving grandparent and mentor to me, the thought of losing the conversations we had and her being unable to recognize me left me devastated. I therefore decided to dedicate myself to pursue a career that can…

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  • Application Essay: A Career As A Pharmacist

    Being a certified pharmacy technician for over eight years; I admire and appreciate the work of my pharmacists. Always striving to learn more, I continue to acquire knowledge of the profession through the eyes of the pharmacists and as a result continue to teach myself what medications do and how they work in the body to help our patients. It is because of this fascination of the profession of pharmacy that I decided it was time to acquire my Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Getting to this point was…

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  • A Synergistic Statement Of Drug And Alcohol Pharmacology

    setting and direct patient care. I believe the pharmacy profession is not just a four year commitment to the program, but a life term commitment and my…

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  • Pharmacy Admission Essay Sample

    I am writing to express my strong interest in the PGY1 pharmacy practice residency program at the University of North Carolina Medical Center (UNCMC). I have had the pleasure to meet you, Dr. Rao, and some of the current PGY1 residents at the ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting; where we went through a very informative overview of the PGY1 residency program at UNCMC and I have had a great discussion with the PGY1 residents. As you may know, I am a fourth-year student at the University of Illinois at…

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  • Pharmd Program Personal Statement

    do a project, “Antacid potency”, which helped me understand how antacid helps heartburn using grape juice, lemon juice and several types of antacids. This project boosted my interest in Biology and Chemistry. Love for human well beings and from my own volition, I had chosen to pursue Bachelor in pharmacy from Gujarat Technological University as an important milestone. My course as a part of the undergraduate study has helped me in acquiring a firm footing in topics such as Pharmaceutics,…

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  • Pharmacists

    practice of pharmacy. Thereafter, pharmacists in the United States can complete more examinations in their areas of specialty selected. These include nuclear pharmacy, nutrition support pharmacy, Oncology, Pharmacotherapy, and psychiatric pharmacy pharmacy. Nuclear pharmacy involves working with radioactive drugs in order that it can be used safely and effectively in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases. The use of nutritional support include pharmacists who work with patients in…

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  • Why I Chose Pharmacy

    Such interest has fueled my desire to pursue a future that involves giving back to the community. My aim is to obtain the education necessary to become skilled in the field of pharmacy in order to support communities. My goal is to offer care and education to underserved areas in my surrounds and nations across the world like Africa. I intend to use this pharmacy profession as a pathway and significantly impact the pharmacy community. My hope is to use my talents to help others, and I feel that…

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