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  • Symbolism In A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

    Symbolism in A Long Way Gone: Memoir of a Boy Soldier Malcom X once said: “Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression” (izquotes) Freedom is fundamental to the growth of humanity. In A Long Way Gone: Memoir of a Boy Soldier, author Ishmael Beah examines the concept of freedom and oppression through illustrating his encounters as a child soldier during the Sierra Leone civil war in the 1990s. The dark influences of war strips Beah of his childhood innocence and transforms him into a senseless killing machine, until he is rescued and rehabilitated by UNICEF. Throughout the novel, Beah illustrates a clear image of his struggle for freedom against the oppressive influences of war. In his literary work, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Ishmael Beah uses symbols to underscore his central theme of freedom,as evidenced by his symbolizations of moon, cassette tapes and Beah’s gun. To start, the moon denotes the theme of Beah’s search for freedom and his suffer from oppression. First, the moon, in Beah’s childhood, is a symbol of virtue, as he describes, “We must strive to be like the moon” (Beah 16), because everyone is happy when the moon is up. Specifically, “a woman cradling a baby at her breast” (Beah 17), the image he sees on the moon, evidently, symbolizes the moon as love, happiness and hope. Later on, when Beah drifts into the war, the moon guides his way and renders him hope, revealed in his description, “I looked into…

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  • Man And Camel Analysis

    It appears that the man and beast did not want to be seen or heard in any way. As soon as it is apparent that they have been noticed, they seem to run directly to the man’s porch (Line 19). This adds a sort of scariness to the text. The fact that they were supposedly so far away and made it their mission to turn around and gallop all the way back to where the man resided shows that this was a serious matter to them. As soon as the man and camel show up at the porch, the man utters, “You ruined…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Vacation In Miami, Florida

    ” my mom yelled. It took me by surprise and instantly stopped my day dreaming. “Sorry, Mom,” I yelled back. I had almost forgot that today was the day we were going to go sailing over the ocean. I ran to the bathroom, almost tripping over my smooth green and blue flip flops laying in the middle of the bedroom floor. My favorite red dress hanging over the chair, and my jean shorts I had worn the night before was laying on the top…

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  • Beach Reach: The Kindest Journey Of My Life

    Alexandra unexpectedly became one of my best friends in such a short time. I could now call her my partner in crime. She was a lot at first, but her demeanor was nice. She was a firecracker, and I loved her for it. The next morning, everyone was up bright and early. I met a lot of people throughout the day. Some people ignored us, and some people listened. Just getting one second of someone 's time made me feel accomplished. I did a lot of the talking, but some people were willing to talk…

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  • Summary Of Imagery In All Quiet On The Western Front

    Published in 1928, All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque is a noteworthy novel that illustrates the ordeals of Paul Baumer, a young German soldier who is deployed at the Western Front. Paul, who acts as the primary narrator for the novel, precisely elucidates several tragedies that he and his comrades witness as a result of violence inflicted by war. His comrades, which include Kat, Muller, Albert, and Kemmerich, help Paul overcome multiple obstacles such as the horrors of the…

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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Summary

    Hemmelstoss. This man was the cruelest drill Sargent in their regiment that enforced large amounts of punishments for the smallest misdeeds done. The next grueling experience for the troops was when they had to fight in the trenches. The trenches did not suppress the loud bangs from bombs, or provide a safe escape route if needed, for these trenches are only somewhat helpful. Even though their moral does not drop, Paul and his regiment are in misery and disarray when they lose fellow soldiers.…

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  • What Are The Effects Of All Quiet On The Western Front

    Effects of the war, specifically the front lines, are shown significantly through the historical novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, written by Erich Maria Remarque. The author displays the development of Paul, the narrator through World War I, through the story as he encounters the front, and how it can change someone’s life forever. Soldiers endure countless hours of pure war. The effects of the front can bring abandonment in their life and them wanting no one. It is very dehumanizing and…

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  • A Pop Pimples: A Short Story

    If you’re squeamish, turn back. This isn’t a good place for you to be. If not, well, it’s possible that I’m going to change that. So listen up and listen quickly. It’ll be over before you know it. I used to love popping zits. There were days where all I could do was stand in front of my bathroom mirror and pop what pimples dared to show on my skin. The problem was, as far as my face goes, I have almost none there. But when it came to my body, there were quite a few problem areas I could attack.…

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  • My Salutatorian Report

    conversation with your friends or a formal speech addressed to hundreds of people. It was the evening of May 24, 2016, high school graduation day. It was no ordinary ceremony. I wouldn’t just walk to the stage receive my diploma then take my seat. Then having to wait until all 600 students had done the same. No, it was no ordinary ceremony. This time, I would have to present myself as the Salutatorian for my class with a well-thought out speech regarding motivation and persistence. Yes, I was…

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  • The Yosemani National Park: A Short Story

    beauty that mother nature had to offer us, so we took advantage of the clear water and took a swim. “Last one in 's a rotten egg!”, Tim screamed. “ Hey that’s not fair you cheated!” I yelled to his retreating back. I, being a very competitive person, couldn’t deny a challenge to anyone. Without a care, I ran to the water fully clothed. As Tim swam deeper into the river, he saw something out of the ordinary. “Elijah, look come take a look at…

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