Fashion Trends Inspired By Sexy Old School Style

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2016 Fashion Trends Inspired by Sexy Old School Style
At this time of year we’re all already tired of hearing the fashion trends’ ‘New Year, new me’ statements. Well, breathe a sigh of relief, because here you’ll find what you really need to enter 2016 in style; a throwback to the sexy old school styles that had your digital cameras clicking. Whilst it’s easy – in fact necessary, to let go of trends such as fishnet tights and jeans with no back pockets (because the inconvenience is just too much!), these are the trends of the last 3 decades that deserve a comeback as well as the icons to inspire old school looks, because if you’re going to throwback, you have to do it right! Here are your 2016 fashion trends that are inspired by sexy old school
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All lace everything. And I mean everything! Who doesn’t look back in envy at the old school 80’s with knockout lace dresses, sexy rock lace finger-less gloves, attractive lace tights, flirtatious lace tops… I could go on forever. And how bad can a 2016 day be when you stare in the mirror and look like the original ‘Material Girl’ herself?!



A moment of silence for the stunning 80’s capability of making exercise and aerobics sexy! Leotards were the body hugging, skin tight and bold with color look that eyes were glued to! Perfect this outfit with a belt and you’re ready to enter the new year gym crazy in style-looking fierce and feeling fierce.



MADONNA (below)



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This hot look came as part of the 1970’s revival seen in the 90’s (ah the circle of life). You can show off your skin with either a glamorous look in a shiny boob tube, or be classy chic with a beige/ neutral colored boob tube. Add signature high waist pants to bless 2016 with a dose of the 90’s.




OK It’s 2016, isn’t it time we realized we had it right in the 90’s with heels that had a surface area of more than 1/16th a square inch?! They can be gorgeous and glamorous for a night out or sophisticated for a day in the office – even boot style chunky boots were everything! Vintage Chunky heels we need you! I mean, how do you think Buffy kicked so much vampire ass back in the day?



Underwear as outerwear. Have we ever had it so good? Slip dresses were both alluring enough to grab everyone’s attention, and diverse enough to wear on any occasion. Plus, the memory of Kate Moss’ nude slip dress remains with us all!


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