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  • Fashion Trends Inspired By Sexy Old School Style

    SLIP DRESSES 8 Underwear as outerwear. Have we ever had it so good? Slip dresses were both alluring enough to grab everyone’s attention, and diverse enough to wear on any occasion. Plus, the memory of Kate Moss’ nude slip dress remains with us all! BANDANA/HANDKERCHIEF TOPS Old school fashion lesson: Bandanas are not limited to the head and handkerchiefs are not restricted to sneezing emergencies. Summer 2016 desperately needs the comeback of this sexy look that shows off the back with it’s string tie up and takes us back to the strong icons who rocked it looking both strong and saucy. DAMN. 9 SPANDEX 11DECADE FASHION ICON FOR INSPIRATION: BRITNEY SPEARS (see left) Skin tight tops. Skin tight skirts. Skin tight leggings. The temperature gets higher just thinking about the luscious look that is spandex. It was a look for the brave and bold… 10 EARLY 2000’S CORSET TOPS Going to the club? On a date? Haning out with friends? There was a gorgeous corset top style for anything you had planned and nothing says sultry with a touch of rock than this look. 12 DENIM MINI SKIRTS The early noughties saw a time of fusing older and current styles together to create beautiful looks; thus, the birth of the denim mini (see below). Show off your legs with the amazing fashion item that dipped back into the 80’s for inspiration. It’s time for a comeback of this stunning trend that in the words of the early noughties would bring ‘Sexy Back’.…

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  • Two Leggings: Crow Societ Warrior Culture

    Two Leggings was born in 1844, approximately 21 years before the period of Reconstruction that would ultimately change Crow society forever. During this time, Crow Indians underwent numerous transitions that inevitably changed their culture. The beginning of Two Legging’s memoir talks about how warrior culture dominated Crow society. However, by the end of the book, warrior culture is next to nonexistent. According to Two Leggings, “nothing happened after that. We just lived. There were no more…

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  • Leging Trends

    Leggings are for the Better “Leggings are everywhere, indeed. Personally, I’m not crazy about them, but they can look great with the right accessories, and tunic, for instance, or a long cardigans,” Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn is absolute right when it comes to leggings the trend keeps on expanding to high success. On the average of young female people wear today is probably everyone. So many female put on leggings everyday, because they understand the value of this particular clothing item. Leggings…

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  • Your Flops Are Grossing Me Out Essay

    you go. Whether it be in school, the workplace, or public life, just about everyone is wearing either yoga pants, leggings, or sweatpants. Dress to impress is no longer the motto today's youth lives by. “Your Flip-Flops Are Grossing Me Out”, by Dana Stevens, states that casual attire (more specifically flip-flops), is neither appropriate nor attractive. While casual attire may be deemed inappropriate for most situations, there are also certain times where it is acceptable. There are a…

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  • Maternity Wardrobe Research Paper

    sorts of colours and the design fits most semi-official and casual occasions. Whether you’re meeting friends for a brunch or just going shopping, maternity jeans will provide you with a timeless and funky look. You could even pick from a skinny jean or straight model. This means you can pair the comfy jeans with different style tops from tunics to t-shirts. Maternity jeans are a definite must-have you want to invest in – a good quality pair is all you need. #2: Print Leggings Leggings are a…

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  • Essay On Dress Codes In Schools

    CLothing like leggings or to short of shorts. A recent controversy erupted after an Illinois middle school told some girls to stop wearing leggings because they were too “distracting” for their male peers. The debate of "are leggings pants?" has been going on for years and it's one that often comes with a lot of judgement towards the practitioner. Leggings are frequently thought to be sloppy, an easy way out of putting effort into how you look. On a ridiculous, misinformed and backwards level,…

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  • Informative Speech On French Noblemen

    is my job to tell you the general attire for people of this rank. Each class of people usually dresses differently for these types of assemblies but I am here to talk to you about the Noblemen. Toward the end of the 18th century men’s clothing style changed drastically. The got rid of the extravagant colors and decorations and they wore dark clothes with little or no decorations. The whole outfit consists of a coat (usually one solid color), a shirt under that, pants and leggings. Now im going…

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  • Girls Should Have Dress Codes Essay

    Do you think we need a dress codes? Kids shouldn’t have dress codes because they are all mainly for the girls and really none are for boys. Girls shouldn’t be able to wear crop tops to school. They also shouldn’t wear anything that shows their stomach at all. The girls should be allowed to wear leggings without a long enough shirt. Kids shouldn’t be dress coded for things that aren’t dress codes. No!!In elementary school, we had no dress codes, we got to choose what we got to wear. If you…

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  • Write An Essay On The Lakota Tribe

    the land and sticking up for what's right. The Lakota sprung up many famous leaders and activists. These people included of Sitting Bull, Chief Red Tomahawk, and Leonard Peltier. Sitting Bull was a Sioux leader and lead the Lakota to defeating the U.S. government. Red Tomahawk was the man who killed Sitting bull and is now very well known for it and is what you may call “famous”. Leonard Peltier was a famous indian activist who “killed” an FBI agent but many say that he was framed. These great…

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  • High School Is Unfair

    the principles of equality or justice. The definition of unfair is a perfect explanation of East Jordan High School’s dress code. The school made a new rule this year saying that students are not allowed to wear leggings or yoga pants unless their butt was covered. That rule started a lot of drama in the school, especially with the girls. That rule is what started the feud with the dress code. The dress code needs to read over and enforced more equally to all students. Girls need to be treated…

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