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  • Wagner's Ride Of The Valkyries Analysis

    the listener is called to action with shrill trills and glissandos in the high strings and woodwinds, creating a sense of heightening anxiety. Conversely, when the main motive sounds, Wagner utilizes French horns, trombones, and trumpets to convey the entrance of the heroes. In doing this, Wagner shows the sweeping effects orchestration can have: “…instruments [can] create a mood and sway the emotions.” (Wright 106). Even though there is a battle of dissonance in the background, listeners can find solace in the consonant melody in the brass. In addition, Wagner capitalizes on the psychological power of volume in Ride of the Valkyries. As the piece progresses, the Valkyrie leitmotif crescendos, eventually reaching a fortissimo volume. Even as the dissonant harmonies grow louder and denser, the heroic leitmotif overpowers the “evil”…

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  • Identity In Jacob's Room

    portraying the human condition as Virginia Woolf. Jacob’s Room, her 1922 Modernist novel, encapsulates her passion. As Woolf’s first truly experimental novel, it rejects convention and aspires to invent methods that better illuminate life’s essence; to exemplify, the text’s innovative inclusion of leitmotifs defies tradition, yet it elucidates the obscure. The novel’s leitmotifs, ostensibly interspersed randomly, demonstrate identity’s fluidity and how it both impedes and enriches communication.…

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  • Musical Score Analysis

    to foreshadow the danger that Bond will be facing. Some of the musical intonations make use of the Mickey-Mousing effect with the pizzicato playing of harp strings and horns trilling out two-note chords as Bond or other characters sneak about. When we find a captured Bond tied down to a laser table, we hear a droning, dissonant noise, an ostinato which is the perfect cue to create tension that builds as the laser cuts its way through the metal. Ultimately the music, frenetic and full of energy,…

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  • Richard Wagner: The Rise Of The Modern Italian Opera

    Zurich essays decrying the influence of capitalism in art, and Jewishness in music. (http://www.sfcv.org/learn/composer-gallery/wagner-richard, 2012). Wagner’s most notable work ‘The Ring’ consisted of four operas ‘The Rhinegold’, ‘The Valkyrie’, ‘Siegfried’ and ‘The Twilight of the Gods’ and were designed to be played on four consecutive evenings. ‘The Ring Cycle’ demonstrates his intense sense of nationalism. Clearly evident is his use of Germanic and Norse mythology. German heroes and heroic…

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  • Frankenstein Guilt Analysis

    Illness is the leitmotif of guilt, because when Victor falls ill, he is usually harboring some form of guilt. When Victor is overcoming his illnesses, he usually had someone to help him through it, which caused him to be unable to take responsibility for all of his actions. When Victor overcomes his illness alone, he is taking the blame of the creatures crimes and realizing that he is the source of the problem and he alone can fix it. Shelley wrote illness into Frankenstein like this because she…

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  • Sweeney Todd Review

    Todd fully becomes crazy in this number its shown through both lyrics and music. The Track shifts from extraordinarily heavy and livid to mourning and lyrical in just a few moments. This song incorporates a few different leitmotifs. The first one again is the Dies Irae. This starts after Todd’s lyric “but not for long”. The Dies Irae is clearly heard in the piano played very staccato. Another leitmotif is when Todd is singing the lyric “and my Lucy lies in ashes”. The melody that Todd is…

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  • Music In Jaws

    Ankeny, it is stated that Elfman was a rock musician before he produced his first piece for film (Ankeny). Although he did not receive formal training in music, he has played a dual role in producing music and singing for characters. An example of this is his role as the composer for A Nightmare Before Christmas, and the vocalist for Jack. Danny Elfman followed the trend of the mid to late 1980s where movie productions presented a combination of popular music and orchestral scores. Knowing the…

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  • What Does The Flowers Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

    Pomeroy 1 Jay Gatsby is a man determined to accomplish the so-called “American Dream” and will do anything he can to do so. He chases both wealth and Daisy, the girl of his dreams. Gatsby is under the impression that he can repeat the past to achieve his idealistic life: however, Gatsby is wrong. Gatsby and Daisy used to be madly in love, but five years passed, and their relationship is different, despite what Gatsby believes. In the novel The Great Gatsby, author F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the…

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  • Summary Of Stephen Dedalus In A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

    strengthening in her eyes” (Joyce 178). In this moment, the narrator specifically states “he thought” indicating that the narrator had a clear insight to Stephen’s psyche. Like limited omniscient style which gives the narrator a vast amount of knowledge, free indirect discourse allows the reader to more fully comprehend Stephen rise upper the ladder of perfection. [Need a topic sentence] Furthermore, the “epiphany” that happens near the end of every chapter is the only way Joyce is able to end…

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  • Heat In The Great Gatsby Analysis

    In The Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald uses the leitmotif of temperature to symbolize moods and tensions that foreshadow what is going to happen between the characters. Fitzgerald uses the cold to show the characters feelings. He uses heat to show how tension rises between characters’ true feeling and emotions that are hidden by their outside appearances. In the quote, "In this heat every extra gesture was an affront to the common store of life” (Fitzgerald 145) Fitzgerald uses temperature to…

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