Lemon v. Kurtzman

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  • Case Name: Lemon V. Kurtzman

    Case Name: Lemon v. Kurtzman (U.S 1971) Essential Facts: • Pennsylvania adopted a statutory program that provides financial support to nonpublic elementary and secondary schools. • Pennsylvania does reimbursement for the cost of teacher salaries, textbooks and instructional material. • Rhode Island adopted a statute under which the state pays directly to teachers in nonpublic school. The supplement is 15% of their annual salary. • In Rhode Island a teacher must not teach a religion class in order to receive the supplement. • In Pennsylvania the textbooks must be approved by the state superintendent and public instruction in order to receive money. Legal Issue: Does the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment require an accommodation…

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  • Establishment Clause

    Mr. Katz does not possess the knowledge-base needed to fulfill the leadership responsibilities of his position, falling far short of Indiana Content Standard for District Level Educators 2.2, “planning, organizing, supervising, and supporting a rigorous district instructional program based on research-supported best practices regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment” (emphasis ours). It is incumbent upon educators to know the law as it relates to education. When writing curriculum or…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Swearing Public Officials Into Office

    Topic: Swearing public officials into office General Purpose: To argue Specific Purpose: To argue that the federal government should make it illegal to swear public officials in on a religious document I. Central Idea/Thesis Statement: The federal government should prohibit using a religious document in Oath of Office ceremonies because the Officials taking the oath are affirming to protect the laws of our country, not of their religion, their use of these documents does not pass the lemon test,…

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  • Wrinkles Pestle Analysis

    general body health including your skin. This however should not give you room to neglect your regular activities. 3. Have a natural treatment There are various natural ways that can help us treat the wrinkles and fine lines below are the common ones; i. Apply Olive oil Olive oil is very well known for its perfect work in enhancing beauty at all angles. It is used to treat the hair, skin and also the eyelashes. Massage the olive oil on your skin paying much attention on the wrinkled areas before…

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  • When Life Gives You Lemons Business Analysis

    The lemonade stand "When Life Gives you Lemons" was created to provide customers with a pleasant interaction and a product to be proud of. "When Life Gives you Lemons" cares about helping so fifty percent of profits is donated to the Animal Welfare League. This lemonade stand can be found at one of the busiest intersections in town. Fireman, teachers, grandparents, children, we sell and cater to all! "In other cases, marketers try to make their products available when and where customers want…

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  • Civil Rights And Liberties Case Analysis

    of Church and State”. Roots of this phrase can be traced all the way back to a letter written by Thomas Jefferson in January of 1802 to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut. Though the First Amendment clause against establishment of religion by law was to ensure that there was separation between religion and government, various courts to this day are still hearing cases and this remain an ongoing subject of interpretation and perspectives. I believe this is so because the various court…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Establishment Clause

    reimbursing parents to religious schools did not violate the Establishment Clause. This law did not provide money to any of the schools or support their religion directly. It assisted various parents to get their children safely to school, which did not violate the First Amendment (Everson v. Board of Education of the Township of…

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  • Jaffree Case Outline

    Everson v. Board of Education (1947) stated the purpose of the Establishment Clause was to, “erect a wall between church and state” (O’Brien 794). The phrase of separation between church and state is from a Thomas Jefferson letter and is often misquoted. Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association was just a polite not fourteen years after the Bill of Rights was passed. The Court cannot build a consistent idea of the Establishment Clause with such a flawed sense of history. Thomas…

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  • Political Issues In The Sixth Amendment

    The court case that is associated with this is the Gideon v. Wainwright case. According to Hudson, David L (2008) “Gideon asked the state court judge to appoint him council saying:, “ The United states supreme court says I am entitled to be represented by council.” The trial judge denied his request.” (p.295) this means that in this case Gideon was denied what the right to free council which is a right the sixth amendment allows him to…

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  • Essay On Civil Liberties

    finally gave an equal footing for education opportunities for kids in the same area. Without this being overturned, it would be likely that the poor education given to African Americans in these “separate but equal” facilities would have kept leading them down the path of horrid poverty. The Dred Scott vs Sandford (1857) was one of the most damaging Supreme Court cases for African Americans living in the United States at the time. This case not only said that slaves were not citizens, but it…

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