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  • Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation: Case Study

    Evaluation/Assessment It was with great difficulty researching Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), simply due to the nature of the organization. It seemed that every personal story on the site had a horrible, and predictable ending. Much of the research phase of this nonprofit was accompanied with tears for those who have lost their battle to a relentless adversary and regret for their families who had to continue on without them. It was for this reason that ALSF was not on the original list of potential nonprofit organizations which would be considered for this part of the assignment; however, with every new link discovered on their website, although met with tears and grief, it brought inspiration and a desire to learn more, and even do more, for ALSF. Not many organizations can say that they were born from the vision of a four year old; however, ALSF can. Before her first…

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  • Lemonade Stand Analysis

    When starting out in your own lemonade stand there is many ways and ideas to get your product out there for the community to see and taste some of your examples products you are selling to open up your own lemonade stand business. A business owner will take that risk if he or she needs to succeed in the business world. My lemonade stand when comes to marketing mix I want to promote my business by some form of advertising such as making flyers for grand opening an advertising web page and social…

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  • Lemonade Day Reflection

    The lemonade day project was a great way to get students a feel how difficult running a business is. In the real world there are competition between businesses everywhere. A lot of people complained about having 20 lemonade stands in one place, but it represents a realistic idea of businesses. A mall has more than 20 stores competing for costumers. Each store advertisement tries to convince their store is better than another store. They also have promotion to convince consumers their store has…

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  • Essay On Alex's Lemonade Stand

    children with cancer. What drove Alex to benefit other children’s lives was because Alex herself had childhood cancer. Alexandra Flynn “Alex” Scott created Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), used finding humor to innovate ways to overcome childhood cancer, and illuminate the world by donating to cancer research. Alexandra Flynn “Alex” Scott created Alex’s Lemonade Stand. “The best way to make happy money is to make money your hobby and not your God (Scott Alexander, Brainyquote).”…

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  • Yellowot Analysis Of Lemonade Stand

    INTRODUCTION The notion “it’s not summer until you see a lemonade stand” is like a tradition that never gets old. But YelloWave Lemonade Stand will give its customer the refreshing taste of summer in their taste buds. Apart from the beverage, YelloWave added a creative twist to each treats that every generation have enjoyed such as lemon bars, lemonheads, lemon meringue bites, and many more. The products are limited in order to preserve the idea of serving fresh. Moreover, the company is active…

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  • Lemonade Stand Case Study

    Q1 The lemonade stand interactive game exemplifies the forces of demand and supply and has useful and interesting insights on the machinations of pricing and quality of a product. In this instance, the market variables are the recipes, the weather conditions, availability and the price. In my business, my strategy was to manipulate these variables in line with mostly the weather condition of the day. For instance, when it was clear and sunny with high temperatures, I altered my lemonade recipe…

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  • When Life Gives You Lemons Business Analysis

    The lemonade stand "When Life Gives you Lemons" was created to provide customers with a pleasant interaction and a product to be proud of. "When Life Gives you Lemons" cares about helping so fifty percent of profits is donated to the Animal Welfare League. This lemonade stand can be found at one of the busiest intersections in town. Fireman, teachers, grandparents, children, we sell and cater to all! "In other cases, marketers try to make their products available when and where customers want…

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  • My Norm Violations

    gave her an extremely ugly look. Once the young beautiful girl spoke up and asked them for directions the guys girlfriends changed the way she was looking at her and politely directed her where the building was located and gave her a smile. The young girl thanked both of them and walked away. This is a norm violation because the young girl went to the couple when they were having a conversation yet the guy’s girlfriend gave her an ugly look when not knowing all she was asking for was directions…

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  • Good And Evil In Stephen King's The Stand

    Stephen King’s The Stand is said to be an extremely lengthy novel about the hardships of mankind and the battles of good and evil. At first sight, while it may seem to be all about how the extremes of good and evil fight and give balance, The Stand goes deeper than that. Stephen King isn’t writing about our extremes, but about how we perceive them. People see the world in extremes: black and white, good and bad, etc., but the vast majority of the things that make up our world fall somewhere…

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  • Overland Park Farmers Market Analysis

    corner of Marty Street and Santa Fe Drive. The voices of lots of people all mix together in a loud, low hum. The Overland Park Farmers’ Market is flooded. Every once in a while you hear the shrieking of a toddler running through the cold fountain spurting up from the concrete patio break through the hum. Kids sit and draw with chalk on the floor; stepping carefully is a must to avoid little hands. Music notes can be heard floating over the top of the hum. This week’s local band stands center…

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