Lemonade Stand Analysis

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When starting out in your own lemonade stand there is many ways and ideas to get your product out there for the community to see and taste some of your examples products you are selling to open up your own lemonade stand business. A business owner will take that risk if he or she needs to succeed in the business world.
My lemonade stand when comes to marketing mix I want to promote my business by some form of advertising such as making flyers for grand opening an advertising web page and social media and all the radio stations out there. As it mention in the textbook (Bovee, Thill, 2013 p.303) about marketing mix by creating a target and position my brand of my product to share to the people in my community. This lemonade stands not only
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I will have an open door policy whenever an employee needs to see me they are always welcome to talk to me. What the textbook mention (Bovee, Thill, 2013 p. 234) about creating a policy that is fair to your employees be flexible and understand your employees if they have personal issue that they need to attend. Management needs to have some flexibility to have some other employee to cover their shift. Most of all is understand and get to know your employees. With me to get employees to get motivated I would put out month employees meeting and discuss how are we doing in our sales. Have them share their ideas of what is working and not working. My staff and I will put in vote of which idea we will use and go from there. I would like them to get involved in sharing their ideas with one another and help plan out their ideas to meet the goals. Every month and end of the year I put an award for employee of the month and year to keep my employees motivated and get promoted to as managers and run the other lemonade stand at the other locations. Once we get enough sales and our profit increase I would give out holiday bonus to my employees for the hard work they put in to help run my …show more content…
A business owner must find ways to target and establish his or her own brand. Once the business well known establish they need to know how expand their brand in different location in the community. When it comes down to promoting they need figure out how to promote their brand to attract more customers in coming to your store. Most of all is having employees that are motivated and happy to work for your company finding ways and sharing your ideas to your staff and understand them as people and give out rewards, bonus and job advancement to

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