Yellowot Analysis Of Lemonade Stand

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The notion “it’s not summer until you see a lemonade stand” is like a tradition that never gets old. But YelloWave Lemonade Stand will give its customer the refreshing taste of summer in their taste buds. Apart from the beverage, YelloWave added a creative twist to each treats that every generation have enjoyed such as lemon bars, lemonheads, lemon meringue bites, and many more. The products are limited in order to preserve the idea of serving fresh. Moreover, the company is active in the community beyond the pursuit of making profits. YelloWave primarily supports events like Rehoboth Seashore Marathon and Glamping Cook-out Challenge during Firefly Music Festival. All the proceeds from this event goes to St. Jude Children’s Research
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Driven by its mission, the marketing strategy were based on segments, target market, and the position (Bovee and Thill, 2013, p. 306). YelloWave values the innovation inspired by the passion and diversity of internal and external customers while contributing business opportunities to local farmers and benefits for communities. While it uses the penetration pricing, the other three elements of the marketing mix cannot be compromise in pursuit to be ahead of other competitors while delivering quality products in the local area. Keeping the target market in mind and its geographical location, the main operating stand is located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The place attracts about 3.5M tourists which generates over $600M annual economic impact on Southern region. Fresh and creativity are the keywords in product mix. Besides the fresh beverages, the recipes and goodies are carefully handmade by a trained and certified chef using real and fresh ingredients. The channels may impose challenges but YelloWave’s distribution strategy are necessary and significant in its marketing and business decisions. The productions are maintained locally to keep the distribution organize. The idea of fresh products delivered and …show more content…
Christiana mall is located in the Northern part of Delaware, off the Interstate 95. The mall provides a tax-free shopping so the target markets derived from states of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Similarly, Dover mall has a high traffic not only for locals and college students but also for out-of-state visitors during NASCAR races which is held twice a year, Firefly concert and other Dover Downs Casino events and among others. As mentioned, distribution strategy may seem challenging as it is “the plan for moving products through intermediaries and on to final customers” (Bovee and Thill, 2013, p. 341). To achieve these expansions, YelloWave dedicate efficiency to ensure goods are available to the target market by working with marketing intermediaries like Produce Junction- a retail and wholesale of fresh produce, vegetables, and flowers in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware Valley. Through this, YelloWave has created working plan for physical distribution and logistics to meet each location’s requirement in acquiring the goods. Since suppliers are local farmers, YelloWave has its own vehicle to pick-up the produce to avoid having fees for delivery. Not to mention that the vehicle serves as a rolling

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