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  • Legionaries Disease Case Study

    Introduction This assignment explores several online sources that contain materials on the impact of Legionaries’ Disease to public health and its association with the role of a Public Health Inspector/Environmental Health Officer. Legionaries’ Disease is caused by roughly 35 Legionella bacteria species, with symptoms of severe pneumonia and psychological changes. (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, 2015) With an increase of the elderly population in North America and the use of statistical data, the predicted trend of Legionaries’ Disease cases is on the rise. Therefore, the active roles of a Public Health Inspector/Environmental Health Officer are very important in prevention and control. Synonyms of Legionaries’ Disease The term Legionaries’ Disease comes from an outbreak that occurred in the United States in 1976, meaning those who have gotten a serious case of pneumonia. (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, 2015) But to put it in even simpler terms, it is a very bad case of a lung infection which will require antibiotics for treatment. Where Pontiac Fever is caused by the same types of bacteria but with milder symptoms of a common cold. (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2015) Method of Infection Low concentrations of Legionella bacteria can be found in natural bodies of water, with increased numbers in stagnant water. (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2015) However, the disease itself has not been identified to be transferred from…

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  • Influenza Research Paper

    INTRODUCTION Two significantly important highly pathogenic infection diseases namely Legionellosis and Influenza remains even today a threat to global health. They can cause severe community-acquired pneumonia with respiratory failure but they can also generate hospital-acquired infections.1 Moreover Legionella infection could attribute to influenza infection. The cause of influenza was definitively resolved back in 1930s with the isolation of swine influenza; a virus which when administered…

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