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  • Advantages Of Quality Carbohydrate

    groups: vegetables, grains, legumes and fruit. These foods need to be unprocessed or lightly processed or else they meander over into being considered highly processed foods, which we discussed in the previous chapter. So while it’s acceptable to make flour out of grains, legumes and fruits (chickpea flour, wheat flour, banana flour), it’s not okay to processes them to the point to which they are no longer nutritious. Remember the major processed foods items: oil, refined grains and salt. If a grain, legume, fruit or vegetable is combined with a highly processed food, it’s no longer a quality carbohydrate Vegetables There are vegetables every color,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Guatemala

    I was in the garden again. The damp soil running through my fingers. The water soaking through the knees of my jeans. I weeded around my beans, feeling the dirt under my fingernails and in the creases of my palms. My first few days here I just watched, unsure of the unspoken rules that hovered over the garden. Then, one day, I walked over to a girl. She was almost my age and tended to 2 rows of lima beans. I don’t know if it was the way not only she but her plants seemed to tremble in the wind…

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  • The Problem Of Low NUE In Organic Agriculture

    Plough-in legume or other plant residues are eventually decomposed by responsible soil microorganisms, and released N from these residues is prone to leaching when the N supply and crop demand…

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  • Sesame Equivalent Yield: A Case Study

    Em(±) 0.96 1.33 0.68 0.54 0.34 0.35 0.087 0.065 C.D. at 5% NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS In case of sesame with green gram (cv. T-44) at 50 kg/ha nitrogen level, it was recorded 470 to 471 kg/ha sesame yield, 434-494 kg/ha green gram yield and thus produced 819 to 862 kg/ha sesame equivalent yield. The highest yield of green gram was obtained from cv.105 in association with sesame at 50 kg N/ha. [Table-4] Two nitrogen doses of sesame showed differential effect on component crops, but no variation…

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  • Effects Of Rhizobia And Fertilizer On Plants

    Growth-promoting diazotrophs are able to enhance growth and development of some crops by transferring fixed nitrogen and improving nutrient uptake (Biswas et al., 2000). This could indicate that the Rhizobia had little to no effect on the maize seedlings. Bacteria which induce nodules are capable of colonizing the roots on non-legume plants and they produce HCN, phytohormones and siderophores (Antoun et al., 1998). Rhizobium etli usually forms nitrogen-fixing nodules on the common bean,…

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  • Summary Essay On Beans

    Beans, beans the magical legume the more you eat the healthy you become! Many of you know I am not a big fan of beans the texture is all wrong and they don’t have much flavor. After reading this article, if you’re anything like me, you will add these babies to your meal plans. Among making you feel fuller beans are really good to eat because of the health benefits. Most of the beans will help lower blood sugar and cardiovascular system stay healthy while they help manage you weight Lima Beans-or…

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  • Importance Of Nutrition And Obesity Epidemic

    maintain healthy function, the body requires several minerals, also referred to as essential minerals. Essential minerals are often separated into macrominerals and microminerals. Although both types of minerals are important, microminerals are required in reduced quantities than macrominerals (Minerals: Their Functions and Sources, 2014). Minerals can be found in foods such as meat, cereal, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and nuts (Vitamins and minerals, 2015). Macrominerals…

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  • How Plant Growth Affected By Rhizobia Bacteria?

    Discussion The aim of this study is to determine how plant growth is affected by Rhizobia bacteria and fertilizer. The histogram in figure 1 indicates that the change in biomass of pea plant species was higher under Rhizobia + fertilizer. Pea plant species comes from a legume family. According to Taiz and Zeiger (2010), these plant species enter into a symbiotic relationship with root-nodule bacteria, referred to as Rhizobia. Based on the results, the increase in biomass under rhizobia+…

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  • Pigeon Pea Essay

    Legumes have been an important source of protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, vitamins and health- promoting compounds. Legumes play an important role in the traditional diets of the world population and are a valuable material for the food and animal feed industries (Schuszter-Gajzago, 2004). Pigeon pea is a perennial plant widely grown in the semi-arid tropics of Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Pigeon pea, besides its main use as dhal, fresh green seeds is used as a vegetable (Nene and…

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  • AGHE Review

    She also consumes on average 3.49 daily serves of Discretionary Choice foods (DC) and 1 daily serve of Unsaturated spreads & oils (USF), for which the USF is under the daily allowance of 2 daily serves and the DC is over the daily allowance of 2.5 serves a day; although having DC foods is not recommended at all. Q2: Do you think that the diet may be lacking or excessive in any specific nutrients and other components of foods that are important for human health? (explain why). Answer: As…

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