Summary Essay On Beans

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Beans, beans the magical legume the more you eat the healthy you become! Many of you know I am not a big fan of beans the texture is all wrong and they don’t have much flavor. After reading this article, if you’re anything like me, you will add these babies to your meal plans. Among making you feel fuller beans are really good to eat because of the health benefits. Most of the beans will help lower blood sugar and cardiovascular system stay healthy while they help manage you weight
Lima Beans-or butter beans have a lot of excellent health benefits like keeping blood sugar low after eating as well as being a high protein bean when they are combine with grains and rice. They are known for being high in iron and lowering the risk of heart disease.¬¬¬
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This bean variety is very common. The color is a deep dark red that is shaped like a kidney (hence the name). If your family has a medical history of gout these beans are not good substitutions they are known to cause excess uric acid which inflames gout. Also make sure to soak these beans they have a toxicity that can cause diarrhea, vomiting and hospitalization. Adzuki Beans are a very similar to kidney beans they however are smaller and have a fuller flavor. They can be substituted for one another in …show more content…
(No I’m not talking about the band) They are named by how they look a white creamy outside with a single black dot on the outside edge. However, they could be named that because they contain a lot Vitamin A which helps with vision. They also have a lot of potassium which has many benefits like lowering stress and anxiety.
Black Turtle Beans- A.K.A Black beans. They are named this honestly they are the color of coal. These beans have the highest level of antioxidants. They are also known for having Molybdenum which can help breakdown other foods that cause headache, disorientation and stomach aches. These beans also help with reproduction in men and women. In men they help reduce impotency and in women they have folate for the baby.
Garbanzo Beans- A.K.A Chickpeas. These are round tan beans that have a huge Mediterranean influence. This particular bean helps with weight loss. It also helps reduce the amount of estrogen in women’s body helping protect from breast cancer in women and reduces hot flashes do to

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