Essay On Jojoba Bean

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1. Introduction
The purpose of this report is to do research and briefly explain about Jojoba bean.
The Jojoba bean is an amazing seed which has countless advantages. It has the numerous applications that many industries transform and combine it with their products. As a result, Jojoba has become widely well-known and scientists have been exposing its secrets and benefits.

2. What is the Jojoba bean?
Jojoba, pronounced ho-ho-ba, is miraculous and incredible brown bean which is mostly found naturally in arid areas such as Mexican, Arizona and Sonora deserts. It becomes with peanut-sized and contains an average 53 percent of oil.

3. Where can Jojoba bean grow?
Fertile and rich mineral soil are not absolutely an answer for this bean, but there
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In the experiments, when this bean was distilled and subsequently compound with high-grade oil, it showed the satisfactory results that helped to fuel economy up to a quarter and expanded an engine life three times. In a case of lubricant oil, it can be used as long as 32,000 km. for only one change.

4.3 Pharmaceutic
An appetite suppressant, contains Jojoba, is one of the pharmaceutical products which helps effectively for people who would like to have slim bodies. Moreover, Jojoba is good as a cooking oil that can reuse up to 24 times.

5. How much money can Jojoba bean make?
Jojoba has been becoming an industrial drop because it helps to increase more income. A price of Jojoba seed producing in an acre, which has a thousand bunches, estimates approximately $60,000. In the a part of Jojoba oil, the price can be up to $8,000 a barrel.

6. The future of Jojoba bean
Scientists have been analysing and testing to find out other good points about Jojoba. One of the results is that it can do efficiently as a cooking oil that claim that it can be cooked up to 24 times. Moreover, many industries, such as pharmaceutical industry, are trying to create a new product by using Jojoba bean.


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