Pinto Bean Experiment Essay

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Pinto beans or in other words common beans are the most abundant beans in both Americans, making it major source of daily nutrients for large number of civilians.
This experiment was done to examine if the number of seeds used in a specific area would affect the growth process using two pots (Control, Experiment). Control pot had two Pinto beans, while the Experiment pot had four seeds. Both pots were placed in the same room with same amount of water supply and light. Then the results showed that the seeds in control pot were able to grow into a plant, unlike the experiment pot, this could be due to the insufficient space to grow in the experiment pot. Neglecting to water the pots during the spring break period could be an additional reason for the failure of growth.


Phaseolus vulgaris or as it called Pinto bean, is a common plant originated from America, where its dominated mostly in the south and the Middle of America. And also could be found in some areas in Asia and Africa. Pinto bean, promotes a good supply for the cardiovascular health, in which it supplies the bodies with the required minerals. (1)
Pinto beans play an efficient role in the human nourishment, other than it’s a taste able plant, it
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The number of seeds does effect the growth of the plant, depending on some factors which are the size of the pot, and the watering method for both of the control and the experiment. Those environmental factors had influenced the growth of the pinto bean experiment plant. The pot size that was used for the control plant was 250 ml, which turned out to be insufficient for the experiment plant with more number of seeds, causing an ingrowth of what was supposed to be an experiment plant. In additional to that, infrequent care in watering the plants could be one of the reasons to the failure of the growth, leading to several effects on both the control and the

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