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  • Tank's Short Story: Is He Really Sick?

    in the rural areas or did you stay in the cities?” “Yes, I spent a day in the countryside. Why are you asking so many questions?” The doctor clicked her computer mouse. On her screen came a man’s hand. The wound on that hand was like what was in Tank’s hand. “I think it is Leishmaniasis,” said the doctor. “What’s that?” Tank didn’t need anything else to drag him down further. “It’s the result of a bite from an infected sand fly. It’s prevalent in certain countries. Pakistan along with Africa tops the list. I’m going to send you to see a Tropical Diseases specialist. We have to have it treated right away. Also, we will get you to a Plastic Surgeon. The wound needs cleaning to remove the dead tissues and a biopsy the surgeon will do today.” “So why didn’t I notice it when I came back? I have been home for months.” “Sometimes it takes a few months before it shows up. I want you to go over to Day Surgery at the hospital right away.” The doctor was only partly transparent in her concerns. She didn’t tell him there were three types of Leishmaniasis. Cutaneous or Old World which is local to the hands and face. Mucosal which deals with the nasal passages that can show up years after contracting Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. The third is visceral, the second largest killer in the world. Tank visited the Plastic Surgeon three times to have him clean the wound. When it healed up, only to break out twice more, on the other hand, the Tropical Diseases Specialist shared his concerns. They…

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  • Culture And Globalization In The Story Of Samir Moussa

    they knew how to ranch and construct houses, and most particularly they knew how to cure themselves without the assistance of logical prescription or innovation. As globalization develops, individuals have a tendency to overlook the power and learning of individuals of the long time past days. In Samir's discourse, he went on about a savage creepy crawly called the sand fly. As per his exploration, an expected 1.5 million individuals are right now contaminated with instinctive leishmaniasis,…

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  • Analysis Of Robert S. Desowitz's The Malaria Capers

    Robert S. Desowitz tells the story of two well-known diseases that affect many rural villagers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America of his novel The Malaria Capers. The first section of the book deals with Kala azar, which is transmitted by a fly. Desowitz begins the novel by introducing a tragic story in India of a distressed mother with a sick child. She traveled miles from her small village to a clinic, where her daughter was diagnosed with Kala azar or Visceral Leishmaniasis. The child is…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Pet Insurance

    So, it is not surprising to see most of these owners bring their pets with them wherever they go to. In these cases, it’s better to ensure your pet against certain risks like the risks of infections and accidents, because as traveling to exotic places might sound exciting to you, these places are new to your pet and no one can really predict how he will react. According to Isabelle Vets (http://www.isabellevets.co.uk/dog-european-diseases) the most common infections your pet could be exposed to,…

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  • Resettlement Plan For Syrian Refugees

    a lack of immunization pro-grams, shortage of medicine, and a lack of clean water (Leblebicioglu & Ozaras, 2015). Refu-gees that have fled Syria are susceptible to infection as well. For example Refugees who have been placed in refugee settlement camps are at increased risk at getting infected with a disease (Leblebicioglu & Ozaras, 2015). Many refugees are being housed in settlement camps due to insufficient housing in coun-tries that are not prepared to shelter the large volume of refugees…

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  • Climate Change Impact

    One of the most significant of these is the impact on human health. As with livestock diseases, the changes wrought by climate change on infectious disease burdens may be extremely complex. Patz et al. (2005a) list several diseases as high priority for their large global burden of disease and their high sensitivity to ecological change. For the tropics, these include malaria across most systems; schistosomiasis and lymphatic filariasis in cultivated and inland water systems in the tropics;…

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  • Anton Cancer: A Case Study

    might be due to a genetic recombination between endophyte and the host that occurred during the process of evolution (Tan and Zou, 2001). A recent comprehensive study has indicated that 51% of bioactive substances isolated from endophytic fungi were previously unknown (Schutz, 2001). Analysis of the data provided in literature till 2006 reports that around 322 secondary metabolites from endophytic fungi have been characterized. (Tan and Zou 2001, Gunatilaka 2006).These metabolites have high …

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