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  • Steam Engines During The American Civil War

    mobility in combat ended, the noticeable increase in the speed of ships, and the ever-lengthening ranges of the big guns placed a premium on quick decision-making (Naval Warfare, 2015). Steam-driven and armored line-of-battle ships dominated, but no longer monopolized the engagement (Naval Warfare, 2015). Tactics and technology are intertwined, and there is no better period to study this mutual relationship than the shift from sail to steam in the 19th century. The development of the shell gun forced navies to adopt the iron sheathing of hulls, which lead to all metal hulls (Eller, n.d.). The move towards all metal hulls caused the installation of rifled, breech-loaded guns of major caliber to be required (Eller, n.d.). The use of iron boilers and development of screw propellers made steam propulsion practical and gave a new freedom of maneuver, navies were now tactically unfettered from the wind (Eller, n.d.). Only the strategic consequence of having to remain within steaming range of coaling stations was the pitfall of this new technology. When speaking of the developments of naval weaponry in relation to the innovation of the steam engine, it was rifled ordnance that altered fighting capabilities dramatically and at the same time force the acceptance of heavy iron armor. The new type of naval artillery had significantly greater range, accuracy, and penetrating power than the old smoothbores (Lautenschlager, 1983, pg. 10). Improvements in metallurgy paired with the…

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  • Insurance Premier League: Team Analysis

    Insurance Premier League is an event conducted by account executives (Committee) in my organization to collect innovative ideas for the insurance industry. The most innovative idea will be awarded and presented to the leading Insurance companies in the U.S. and Europe. As a Senior Project Manager, I have successfully led and delivered several insurance projects. Based on my knowledge and experience in the insurance industry, I devised a futuristic idea which could potentially increase the top…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Insurance

    Insurance Life Insurance: Life insurance is the pooling and protection of fortuitous losses such as financial position loss that may occur or result from the premature death of the insured by transferring such risks to the insurer through a past written agreed contract that indemnifies the named beneficiaries, and this indemnification amount is specified according to the premium amount. Importance of Insurance: As human beings are ultimately exposed to various types of risk such as; premature…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Pet Insurance

    Best time to get Pet Insurance There are people who still see pet insurance as useless or again, as a way to get ripped off by “the system”. The truth is that they don’t see why they should get help with paying their vet’s bill. But, like always comes a time when you are hit with unpredictable events, where your beloved furry (or purry) companion gets affected with a serious condition, like for instance, cancer. What do you do in these cases? Do you want to pay your pet’s bill by taking a credit…

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  • Case Study: Met Life

    Met life is a public holding company, which was founded in 1868. It is one of the oldest companies in the insurance industry. The firm has about 66,000 employees as of 2010 that specialize in Insurance, Annuities, Employee Benefits, and Banking. Furthermore, as of 2010, these services created about US$ 48.996 billion in equity for Met Life. Moreover, the firm is part of the fortune 100 companies, and has over 10 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. In addition, Met life is headquartered in New…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Car Insurance

    Most car insurances determine the amount you pay based on your credit score. The logic behind this is that those who tend to have lower credit rates are also more likely to have a poor payment history through-out their life and make more claims. This is also used to view previous credit history; if you have a poor credit history due to frequent missed payments the insurance company can protect themselves by you paying a higher rate in case you repeat your poor payment history. This is the…

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  • The Importance Of Digital Technology In The Insurance Industry

    The traditional processes that have characterized the insurance industry are fast changing due to technological innovations (Equinix Inc, 2014). Distribution has expanded to include different channels between the insurance companies and customers. Internet and mobile devices are the new sales channels. However, they have a small market share with reference to premiums. Sales are still dominated by agents and brokers among other intermediaries. Despite this, the data on e-commerce insurance hide…

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  • Essay On Pet Insurance

    How to find the Best Pet Insurance plan for you Many of you might not know this, but pet insurance is very crucial to the wellbeing of your pet. This is technically because they can get exposed to a number of high risks every day, just like us. The bottom line is that they too are exposed to the risk of infections, terminal diseases and accidents, so insuring them, should be like an obligation to all pet owners out there. However, although it meets the same principle as any type of insurance…

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  • Long Term Care Insurance Case Study

    To : David Kohler, VP of Product Development From: Aadit Sheth, Leading Life Insurance Company Date: Subject: Long Term Care Insurance Mr Kohler, I am writing to inform you about a new insurance product which I learnt about at the conference I attended last week, as a representative from our firm. The insurance product is actually very innovative and I was amazed at how useful this product would be for our firm as it could enable us to attract a great number of customers. The product is…

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  • The Importance Of Floods In Business

    trigger wildfires. However, a wildfire can also be classified as a dynamic risk. As explained in the article, “expensive houses, communities, and businesses” are developing in areas that used to be prairies and forest. More people means therefore more risks as a fire can be triggered by a “careless match or a spark from a piece of machinery”. Moreover, all the above risks can also be classified under the diversifiable risk section, as they can impact individuals and/or companies at a lower…

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