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  • Dog Rover Narrative

    I am playing outside in the yard with my dog Rover. Suddenly, I hear an explosive crackling noise that startled me, I turned around to see our house on fire. It seems as if I was in hell fire everywhere and a dusty cloud of black smoke occurred. I panic I can hear screaming from inside of the house. My neighbors running towards the house as I was sitting on the ground in distraught of what I just witnessed. Sitting there with my knees bent against my chest and my arms wrapped around my legs. I hear a high pitch voice yelling from across the street I looked up to see Mrs. Russell my sister Lilly first grade teacher running towards me. She Grabbed me and held me close to her; “Are you okay John?” “Yes ma’am, but I am scared!” “It’s okay I’m here now sweetie.” “Is my family be okay will they come back?” “With hesitation she mumbles, I sure hope so.” After a few days, I went to school trying to focus on my classes, but a part of me was still worried about my family. I stayed with Mrs. Russell last night after the incident I cried myself to sleep hoping it was just a dream. I’m tired and did not care to go to school, but Mrs. Russell insisted that I should go to clear my mind. As I was sitting in my math class a new girl walked in the teacher introduced her as Maria. She sat next to me with the brightest smile on her face I smile back at her. The bell rings I walked into the hallway and head down the hall to the library where I tutor two of my classmates for math. I sat there…

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