Tank's Short Story: Is He Really Sick?

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When he did go back to church, his back had flared up again. His walker became his constant companion. Using the walker brought a scowl to the faces of some people. They would ask each other.
“Wasn’t he healed? Why is he always sick?”
One man told him that the reason he was always sick was because there was sin in his life. Tank had read the book of Job several times. He knew that when they said that very same thing to Job, it was ludicrous. Still, he was unable to apply the same to his life. He felt Job was a righteous man and he no more than a baby killer.
It was so easy for him to accept the man’s judgment. That’s what his P.T.S.D., had shouted at him for years. A fresh groundswell of guilt swamped him.
‘Why did I survive the war and not
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Still, he fought back. He worked with a Physiotherapist, who prevented his regression back into the wheelchair. He felt that he was on the road to recovery. Soon he would be able to go back to church again regularly. The people would no longer accuse him of having sin in his life.
When his landlord increased his rent beyond reach, it forced Tank to move. He had sixty days to get out. As the days ticked by, he had difficulty finding an affordable home. The idea of ending up homeless on the streets with other vets he refused to consider.
With only days left before he had to move out, he found a place. Since he had no plans to go back in the wheelchair, he accepted an apartment that wasn’t handicapped accessible. The place looked nice, they freshly painted it and was convenient to
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Eventually, the dry ice hurt too much and they tried something new. The doctor then ordered a course of treatment of Fluconazole. Not only was the cost beyond his reach, it had many side effects.
The specialist helped him apply to a government agency to pay for the medicine. They took six weeks to give approval. In the meanwhile, the condition worsened.
All his life Tank had been a giver. Having to ask the government for help left him feeling even more like a beggar. His self-esteem took a severe nosedive.
While he was on the Fluconazole his other medicine for his P.T.S.D., they reduced to one-third the strength. They said that Fluconazole caused serious problems with that medicine. That’s all he needed. To watch for developing side effects and track his medications they did blood tests every two weeks.
His thinking became even more confused. At first, he thought it was due to his reduced P.T.S.D., medicines. Then a blood test showed his Vitamin B12 levels were in the basement. It was another side effect of Gastric By-pass surgery. It caused him difficulty in walking, pain in the calves of his legs, confusion, and forgetfulness. They started him on B12 shots, but it would take some time to bring about the required

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